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   This is an informal site dedicated to the writings of Marcel Proust that are mostly unavailable elsewhere in English translation.
   I began this project in 1999 mainly for my own amusement but hopefully to be of interest to others with a similar fascination for this great writer. I have no qualifications as a translator and make no claims for absolute accuracy, they are simply my best efforts at conveying Proust's sometimes complex but always intriguing thoughts and language into English.
   Essais, Pléiade, published in 2022 has now brought together many pieces that were previously only available dispersed across many different books and collections.
   I am always open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.
   Shortly before his death Proust said of Scott Moncrieff: "I value my work too much to allow an Englishman to demolish it." I fear the same accusation. But this is a labour of love not of scholarship and until more of these lesser known writings are made available in professional translation I offer up my sincere, if flawed, efforts in a spirit of admiration and respect.



Proust's Articles An attempt to list all of Proust's articles and miscellaneous writings and where to find them in French and English.
1Book Dedications In English and French (from all available sources)
1Creative Writings
1Drafts and Manuscripts
1Society Pieces
Miscellaneous Writings
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