Carnet 1

Porter in the antechamber halberd over the shoulder, making the flagstones ring with his cane at the entrance of every guest.
In the entrance to the drawing-rooms opening the double doors ready for battle stands an usher wearing a silver chain at his neck.
Outside on the hall stairs the grooms standing in grand attitude hatted and booted, flower at the buttonhole who open the carriage doors.

Letter from Carlyle to his mother "I am not suffering as much as you say".
Dream about Mama, her breathing, turns round, groans -, "You who love me don't let me be operated on again,  because I think I am going to die, and it's not worth keeping me going."
Old ladies (Cahen) who don't leave cards for the young people, unlike Mme Émilie Halphen.
I do not love you, if I see you I will love you; ruse. Not seeking to possess through inability to please and to give happiness.
Suffering at having been thought ridiculous = love. If perhaps dissipated in giving me a beautiful role more love. Or perhaps possibility with greater dislike.
Balzac impression Malaga, Josepha, flowers in the streets of Paris at that time, and fashionable men going to her house, lowering their position in order to marry them. Mme Schontz whom the Marquis de Rochefide lives for and who marries de Ronceret. Mirah whom one of the Kellers and d'Estrignon are mad about. Rastignac calls on her at one of the soirées where she sings one of Muette's tunes. Resemblance between Mme de l'Estorade and Marianne de Lanty sisters without them knowing.
-. 586 E.
Balzac meeting between Vautrin and Rubempré by the Charente.Vautrin's language like Montesquiou and Mme de Chaponay's. "What it is to live alone etc". Psychological sense of these words. Language stimulating Rubempré. Vautrin stopping to visit Rastignac's house (The Tristesse d'Olympio of pederasty). Vautrin inheriting three hundred thousand francs from Rubempré. Vautrin protects Luigia who is in love with Sallenauve, Sallenauve marries the daughter of the person he is in love with. Bertrand loving Louisa's sister.

Person who writes from time to time to ask if he can't be introduced etc. Cartier pearl. Alph Kann's agate. The Velasquez for Alphonse Kann.
Years characterized by a dream, about a colour, a bunch of grapes, a corner of the woods, on the other hand by a desire. Persons from the name and the place of whom we forge our dreams, like an unread book. Identities of the Aramon; - Avaray.
-. Dining-room smelling of cherries when we come in out of the heat, bedroom smelling of shadow and perfume.
In the second part of the book the young girl will be ruined, I will provide for her without seeking to possess her by the impotence of fortune.
False exaltation for people.
Caillavet etc. False love.
Old age, Laroze, Louis Baignères, Borghese, Sala, Neufville.
Beauty, brothers, a beautiful man.

in the second part young girl ruined, provided for without being in possession of her (like Mlle Mars Georges by an American, Luigia by Sallenauve) by the impotence of being loved. Chartres.
Moments when one would like there to be a fire, no matter what.
Letter from de Bonvoul[oir] to Grif[fon], Brem[ond] to Évian, d'Aimery. Crèvecoeur.

Dream. Papa is with us. Robert talking to him, making him laugh, making him reply precisely to everything. Absolute illusion of life. Then you see that in death one is almost alive. Perhaps he is mistaken in his replies, but in the end the semblance of life. Perhaps he is not dead.
Burnt knitwear, you must have someone who can stay the night, exaggerated drinking.

Dream, rapidly following people the length of a cliff, at sunset, someone overtakes them, does not quite recognize them, here's Mama, but she is indifferent to my existence, she says hello to me, I feel that I will not see her again for months. Would she understand my book. No. And yet the power of the mind does not depend on the body. Robert tells me that I must find out her address, for if they called me on her death, I don't know her district, the name of the person who is nursing her.
Women who frequent the salon of a man who has loved women very much (Pozzi, Marchand Stéph[ane] Mme Bourdin) perhaps to reconcile Hébert's wife.
Château that I saw every day. Aymery lived there. Find out the archaeological history of the château at Illiers, St Éman's teachings etc. All the same it is something that diminishes the dream. Being deprived of visiting there; of making acquaintances there, but dispels the dream less.
Writer who is amusing (Bernstein) not in his plays, wit (me) not when he writes. Montesquiou renouncing by an elevated instinct the talent for conversation when he writes then little by little ends up by lowering himself to passing on into his books (me) (Van Lerberghe does not want to paint anything of humanity, I paint it) smell of grass on the slope at Louveciennes.
Me awkward at Mme d'Albufera's (du Bled).
Cholet leading the way going to the station  at Orléans.

You trees have nothing more to say to me, my heart is growing cold, no longer listens to you, my eye coldly verifies the the line that you divide into areas of shadow and light, it will be men that inspire me now, the other part of my life where I would have sung of you will never come back.

de Bésiade d'Avaray.
Ridiculous grocer but gives me the impression of carrying me off to the bottom of a grotto
(J Baignières).
Full voice of wounded mother, of separated sisters, of pious daughters. When scandal occurs my father astonished. My mother had forbidden travelling with him. L Ganderax. Open topped motor car morning of 14 July the driver.
Music of the regiment on the morning march, halts, drinking.
Interest in the small events of the regiment, at Sollier's house etc.
Lelubez has the Flying Heart. Hector. Agostinelli at Glissolles and Croisset's chauffeur.

Monsieur (with bats on the envelope) Dear Marcel in the book. Yturri at my house before the lecture.
Letters from Besnard, Radolin etc. on the death of Yturri.
Mama travelling again, arriving at Cabourg, same room as at Évian, the landing window!
Time on the points of moustaches, shadow across the face, the encroachment of M. de Pierrebourg's hairs.
Avenues in Cabourg Café Hotel du Grand Balcon and its guests. Life is unable to furnish those explanations that make the unknown known, the inaccessibility of possession - nor  too the repetition of hours, of meals, of the night. plucking eggs, lighting the fire, the dogs are friendly leaving the door, your valet
Borel, Crèvecoeur,

Cabourg walking over the carpet whilst getting dressed
sunshine outdoors Venice.
Cabourg descending the great staircase, quick movement of the sun and the wind on the great marble spaces large tapestries Venice.
The florist at Houlgate. Mme Derbanne's old valet.
The pale blonde lady, in the desert  who resembles Mme Th Reinach but older, large hats etc.
I am the sole being that I can never forget.
The little monster Gabardini de Robin
Influence of the will and belief, on the health, on age, on happiness, on the conditions for work, on inspiration, on the age of genius.
Finaly from Cabourg.
Queen of the Sardangs, Cullivier's friend, musician from Dieppe. Mistress that one makes come. Valti Soltikoff.
Harrisson [sic] whom we have seen nothing of, being thrilled to meet him, feeling of a great man.

Better to love that which is from the country, Plantevigne, Foucart; - fashionable people enveloped in their own sphere, nobles not tolerating being unknown to others in the hotel.
Sad life of coquettes who are kept, their toughness, Chauvin meeting Bernstein, Finaly's mistress, harsh side of life. And next to that women who are what they are. Sarah, the Marquis de Castellane. Wit stretched to invisibility over Mme de Beaulaincourt and M. de Castellane: "he's a good chap" -
Lucie Gérard's pink blemish. I don't know how it is in the society of honest people, but that of the riff-raff is delightful.
She bears my gaze less indifferently than others. Often she walks alone in the evening, I look at her, as we pass, she looks at me. I say to myself: perhaps tomorrow this woman will be my lover etc. perhaps tomorrow she will remain (and for ever) a stranger. I see her going into the house of... She was their best friend. She went there every day. If she had known, if I  had known. She is going to think about me there, desolate at not knowing me.
If she knew I was hesitating between the four and Griffon's story. Nevertheless she went to the Boulevard des Batignolles. I loved her because I thought she was someone else. I was simply wanting the individual not to escape me, until now I only wanted to ask her to be introduced to others, now it is she that I love. The first time I had not found her attractive.
My uncle who spends his life in the friendships in the little world of the woman he loves, lost time etc. Pontcharrat. - The light of the Casino where one finds oneself all the last rainy days. Leaving tomorrow idem for Beg Meil etc.

Pages written
Robert and the kid, Mama leaves on a trip.
The Villebon way and the Méseglise way
The seal of vice and revelation on the face.
Deception  that is a possession, kissing the face.
My grandmother in the garden, dinner with  M. de Bretteville, I go upstairs, Mama's face then and afterwards in my dreams, I can't sleep, concessions etc.
The Castellanes, hydrangeas of Normandy, English ladies of the manor, German; Louis Philippe's grand-daughter. Fantasy, the maternal face in her debauched grandson .
What I learned on the Villebon way and the Méseglise way.

My uncle endlessly taking up his relationships again. - Bardac and Lucy, Sohège and his mistress perfumed veil  held out between her and the world.
Opportune departure for the crystalization of love.
We will do anything to go where they are, they go out of an insignificant duty and would not think for a minute of changing on our account.
There is no tenderness in saying "And then she is so intelligent, so kind" it is in saying "she" and not "I love her" and that is saying so much more.
We hope that the same musical phrase is going to return, it comes back, it has less effect upon us than the first time and brings us nothing more. Idem painting.
Voluptuous and vulgar circumstances offered in quantity and alone and by mediocre music.
Sunday in Paris, in Cabourg, train line.

Charm produced by the faults of the mother (being bourgeois fénelon, parent, (pronunciation of them both) devotion, narrowness (Parent)
Man taking his pleasure by amusing himself with the circumstances of his life (having known all about the stamp collecting market, Louisa, Albu etc.) people like Billy.
Smell of a bedroom, the body is not used to it, and suffers, the soul notices it.
Crust of the smell of damp of being shut up etc. Cold smell that holds within it the gold of winter mornings. Cold bed filled with our childhood, then invigorating.
Phrase emerging for the first time from a fragment, like a dancer that one had not yet  noticed, like a nymph appearing beneath the sonorous waves (gypsies in Cabourg, Werther, Strauss waltz).
Erotic dreams with retroactive subject.
Desire to love floats between persons who know each other and who ascribe to each other the mutual charm of being the lover of the one who is loved and vice versa.
In a broken voice, "but you have the whole world to dine with and it is eight o'clock"; "but you have double six".
Inexact assumptions, it's Mlle d'Alton, the writing on the two cards is the same. Likewise Le Braz for Chateaubriand. Besides what does that mean, these events have no value to us other than by the artistic usefulness that we find in them. Even into vile passions everyone puts his idea of art. "Montesq[uiou]'s article about Greco" Eurydice's scarf without doubt Yturri, portrait in the English school.

Charlotte's family, Cabourg family. Dedication to La Bible d'Amiens, repetition of the lie makes felt the unreality of love.
The Princess de Cardignan's secrets, fears about coming back, a posteriori truth, that embellishes our experience by making it artistic. Stamp collecting market, just like now. No deception too great. The Flower-bed of young girls. The remote Catholicism of the bourgeoisie. The disdainful daughters of the bourgeois.
The powerful intuitions of my spirit, even an evening of exhaustion or death. Principle of renewal that is truth. Like spiritual man, one coagulates like the others.
Gustave Horne 8 rue de la Sablonnière

"Mylord don't you recognize me?" (old age, old age of Plantevigne, scene in L'Éducation) Thomas Hardy novel and Chateaubriand's flight.
Letters from Chateaubriand to Charlotte used for Les Natchez and Mme Michelet's words spoken by Michelet in his lecture. The Vicomte seems more egotistical is more noble.
I don't want to produce the literature of Louis Bertrand.
Bars of soap maintaining the continuity of other mornings travelling, with the alluring sea, and the scent of the bed and the dimensions of the bedroom that the soul is obliged to capture. Bedroom like a high pyramid, merciless mirror.
Soirées Straus, Lauris etc. before Constantinople. The "how little time there is to change everything" inverse. Soirée at the Variétés
Circumstances where one was happy to touch from the outside "I shall give her this letter when she comes back", that one possesses from within.

Staircase for going to the baths at the Réservoirs soft white flowers on the carpet corresponding to soft white flowers on the wall, silent staircase expects us to speak more softly, sweaty smell of the house, cineraria on arriving.
We believe the past to be mediocre because we think it so but the past is not like that, it is some unevenness of the flagstones in the baptistry of St Mark's (photograph in St Mark's Rest that we hadn't given any more thought to, yielding up to us the blinding sun on the canal. Perhaps I should bless my poor health, which has taught me, through sluggishness fatigue immobility, silence, the possibility of working. Warnings of death. Soon you will no longer be able to say all that.  Idleness or doubt or impotence taking recourse in uncertainty regarding the art form. Ought it to be a novel, a philosophical study, am I a novelist? (That which consoles me, Gérard de Nerval See page xxx in this notebook)
Hold on tight to your crown. I feel that I have in mind night like invisible Lake Geneva. There I have four young girls' faces, two steeples, a noble course of study, in Normandy hydrangeas a "let's go on further", that I don't know what I will do with sometimes turning into the fetishes of which I no longer know the meaning. I fix before me four faces of young girls, and no longer see the reality which is uniformly instantly forgotten.
But I sense that the slightest little thing can shatter this brain. Man of letters near Cabourg working with the hope of seeing friends once in a while, to appear grand to them by what he does, then the thought that his friends replace each other, he never sees them. Marcel goes to see him, without having read anything of his, little piece on Harrison.

Staircases Baldwin, Potocka, moments when we see the true reality with enthusiasm, divested of habit, novelty, intoxication, memory. Train whistles describing the countryside at the edge of a cliff in moonlight, in the cold night at Illiers, Versailles, St Germain, Sollier. Descent from the train. Paving-stones trod upon joyously. Paving-stones scintillating with Félicie's moon. Dream in which Félicie tells me: it's because of your trional, therefore dream composed by me in which I learn from her what she cannot know and yet which I do not know myself, beautiful mosaic, in combined colours of ignorance and knowledge, mysterious truth sweet only to my blasé eyes.
Chateaubriand and me sylph realized (see Revue de Paris page  ) yield to the temptation of making oneself loved.
day of sunshine and cold where the sunlight in the bare russet trees gives an enchantment to the houses if there are certain colours (Versailles), motor car taken at the station, we go towards the château. Or on foot taking pleasure in each step on the stone.
Salon of the provincial nobility (2 and 3 of the Résevoirs). Cold air in châteaux where there is the cold of the park and of nature, invigorating. Sometimes in the house of days gone by a fragment of green cambric shading a pane of glass from the sun for me to have had this impression.
View of the countryside in the mist through a window in the château.
The pederast finds when he sees it in another a sort of predestination that lovers do not see. But wishing for a non queer [note] quickly believes semi queer a queer who pleases him. He would like and believes he has found non queers, because fulfilling his bizarre desire, from all natural desire, believes he has a natural desire out of which he believes he can find the exchange again outside of pederasty.
What is sadistic, pleasure is the evil, more the result that causes sadism.
The artist no longer believes in Hallaynsism, as in collections, as in women. Only to excite oneself. Silliness of a hallaysic attitude: more difficult to understand the admiration for facsimilies than to call Vandals. A little soon. Room 1840 a bit later. Thus Dubois forbids too much wine and recommends staying in bed for a long time. Canopy of the bed blue rep, bed cover blue rep with velvet stripes of the same blue, armchair same blue velvet with guipure lace attached. Crucifix and box branches. Acceptance of the bed in the saddest rooms.

Directoire clock, Louis XIV commode.
Drawing-room large Portraits, white wainscotting, red velvet armchair, Chinese vases, Sienna marble chimney-pieces, rosewood table console with marquetry. 1840 cards or XVIIIth century. Tropical hardwood parquet. Terra-cotta bust of Marie Antoinette.
Work in search of what is profound in pleasure.
Young plumed Hussar and old servant in the mist in an avenue in the woods putting a seal of obscenity onto nature.
Obscene engravings, conversations of gamblers, military leave and also facsimiles.
Depth of family conversations about people, masks raised.
In my novel, show an ultra bourgeois family, how many invalids in it?
Scene of certification of death.
Sylvie, the two states (daytime pleasure, sadness at losing Mama in the evening (page 8)


What gives me consolation is that Baudelaire created his Poèmes en prose and Les Fleurs du mal on the same subjects that Gérard de Nerval put in a piece of poetry and in a passage in Sylvie the same Louis XIII châteaux, Virgil's myrtle, etc. In reality these are weaknesses, when we read great writers we license any shortcomings that do not meet our ideal which have more value than their work.


I wrote Aurélie a letter signed a stranger and I told myself now we have bread on the table for the future then I left for Germany. One could say here what he said at the end of Sylvie many hearts will understand me. Letter to Parent St Eugénie. Let's go further than Gérard why be satisfied with such a dream, such a moment, to be crystalized in a single thing sacrificing everything for it, to stay a year in Paris for Mme J. de Castellane, another year for the St Eugénie. Impotence that makes us not want to show ourselves in the interval etc.
Let's go back to Gérard. feast at Cha[a]lis = hydrangeas of my noble Normans.
It was not Adrienne. It was the diligent lady traveller from Brittany. It was not the little Boucher who went to be a prostitute etc.
"Many people do not believe in a double love". For me it is fourfold, the little Boucher, her sister etc.

The young Psichari


You should never say: Renan is going to see him etc.
Balzac in Splendours et misères, Rouvier, Eulenbourg (Candide but it is more particular)
Ste Beuve (Causeries de lundi volume XIII) telling us that Musset had been adopted by the best society. Of course all this intelligently (Villemain last pages) but it is the spiritual life taken in reverse by that which gives no idea of it.
Ste Beuve article on Musset volume XIII Tattet's very recent loss, on Mme de Tracy 1st page circle of friends and family, sensitive indication.
Obscure when he praises (these amiable brothers, taken on reality, related minutely etc.) and frank when he blames, Béranger illustrious friend, what do you know about it.

Lundis volume XIII p. 191, so distinguished by a set of qualities that he has brought.
Egyptian Mortgage Company (M. Cassel) 1 pound 1/5
Article on Joubert, on Vigny's reception, dry and ordinary.
Writer saying things that are intelligent and not very fair in conversation. This becomes his books. Writer sacrificing intimacy to instinct becomes fireman (Barrès). Tableau of writers. Of doctors. For thirty forty years literature dominated by the contrast between gravity of expression and the frivolity of the thing said (end of Madame Bovary). L'Anneau d'Améthyste. Pierre Mille. There is a little of it with France but he makes fun of himself about it when it becomes too gross (about Roujon). out of admiration for things that do not seem to allow of it. There is a defile in a little street that is very good (Rouge et noir) and for the appreciation of things in life (I strongly believe that cookery is important etc, materialism in a word)
Inertia of thought with Ste Beuve (M. Molé has unrolled for us the chain whose last golden links M. de Vigny has shown us).
Less deleterious folly than blocking of the mental arteries. "The sighs of the Saint and the cries of the fairy". One excuses oneself for these true defects of memory, Gisèle, Germaine like aphaisics.
With France the rare epithet is not like in Ste Beuve, [illegible] to place the superlative (it never should be).

This imperishable widow. Whereas with Ste Beuve difference of "customary" plans. I know very well that Mme de Beaulaincourt did not hold a lofty position but what does that amount to.
First dinners lunches at Mme de Caillavet's at Mme Straus's.

France speaks seriously about frivolous things (at a pinch without laughing) but also sometimes through the classic tradition of giving a kind of beauty to simple things. (At the beginning of L'Anneau Améthyste the cook who provides the horror etc. in the house).
Advice of doctors prior to operation. Old clinical physician look of Tillaux, shakes his head during  examinations etc, sees that the operation is decided upon, goes  down on one knee, kisses the hand of Mme X and leaves.
We imagine a man working and not going out other than to the places where there are beautiful young girls, as he would go to a concert where there is a selection of beautiful music.
All is fictitious, laborious so because I have no imagination but everything is filled with a sense that I have long carried within myself, for too long because my thought has forgotten, my heart has grown cold, I have fashioned for it with difficulty these awkward directions which imprison it but from which warmth emanates.

Work makes us a little into mothers. Sometimes feeling myself to be close to my end I tell myself, feeling the child growing inside my womb, and not knowing whether I shall ever be able to summon the strength to bring it into the world, I say to it with a sad and gentle smile: "Will I ever see you?".
St Julian the Hospitaller quote him in Van Blarenberghe. Always remember it.
On the subject of bedrooms, maybe think about that Lombardesque one (interior of Santa Maria Piccolomini by Carpaccio).

Bank of the pond where visitors arrive. In the morning Mama tells me to go back to sleep again gives me my article, brighter glimmer in the curtains, rain during mild weather at dawn, the tread of the butcher in the street sufficient for me to see that the day has begun and to continue by making my body sleep.

Smell of motor cars in the countryside. Maeterlinck is wrong. And Barrès. Dubois and wine.
Ste Beuve's article on Victor Hugo. Our friend the poet.
I do not see what Corneille and Racine would lose by being better known. They pass by singing far from the shores and the world knows nothing of them but their voice.
The most dominant perspective.
Sénancourt [sic] changing knowledge -

Mme de Régnier and the changes in her voice
Ste Beuve sensitive to the weather: a poetic season (Béranger) opens the article about the Recuillements: the spring breaks and we are overtaken by those who follow us. What does that do since it is going to classify itself in another plan.
"translation" of Doré and followers
Ste Beuve seems more intelligent than Flaubert
Begin with suspicion of Intelligence.
The exquisite consolation of the sage cf about Balzac.
wish to please and remain free
opposing the Preface of Chateaubriand et son groupe to keep the best for his friends and in his work
usefulness of necessity

Chamfort that distinguished and controversial man the golden pillory the grasshopper in the mouth of the lion the golden nail the darts of Apollo
the best judge of Luther is Melancht[h]on.
One must have an opinion about the XVIIIth century, the salons of the XVIIth (Chateaubriand et sa groupe littéraire)
Error that comes from not understanding the originality of genius and the nullity of conversation.
Silence contact with oneself.
the touch and the accent of the enchanter
the extent of the ray.
If I may say so, I asked their pardon,
with indignation and scorn.
received a couch in 1837

these beloved poets talents, these adopted poets
a responsible phantom
The beginning of something enigmatic
In the three sublime cases
is better conceived and contrasted
The wolf and the hunters
And if I saw "The Tempest"
I was there and I heard it.
The days of happiness that we shroud in music in painting
Beyle he broke out immediately into a new vein
What of dominoes on his habits as an author
I do not blame him for having written them
You can see how far away I am from sharing Beyle with M. de Balzac.
Le Chartreuse de Parme  etc.

Ste Beuve
Article on Deschanel Soon one will no longer love literature
no posterity for the Goncourts, what he said about Mme Gervaisais about Salammbo in his works on Madame Bovary to Goncourt about Hébert.
Sees everything historically, that's because course articles etc. Before causeries what is still exterior. Chateaubriand between two girls Balzac talking about little girls.
Turgenev and the soap. Musset and the 4,000 franc supper. Ste Beuve and the Washerwoman (sketch in Paris) Days of term Ste Beuve in the haberdasher's. Bright colours Sunsets with Hugo.
Never Latin literature in its classic period, in its Augustinian hue. Is it really very Virgilian and he who said on account of Broglie is Hugo...
Look again for signs in the article about Fromentin

Reply to Mme de Boigne to Mme Favart Happy to listen to his poetry recited by Mme Favart. Insincerity of that pleasure. Invites Mme Favart to dinner. No fashionable people. Dinner at Montesquiou's. at France's. Childhood loves of Ste Beuve at Boulogne.
Ste Beuve at girls' boarding-school. Ste Beuve friend Mme d'Arbouville initially through ambition. Mme d'Arbouville doesn't want to. Ste Beuve could have replied to her what he said to Dominique.
Chateaubriand his innumerable passions, Mme de C[astellane] Mme Hamelin, Mme de Custine etc etc etc.
His basis in boredom for which no society fortune could suffice desire to appear superior to one who pleases us.
Tie pins.
Tell him to create for you some of the tempests of autumn, tell him that I was born beside the waves.

One cannot however create a revolution for Daumier.
Ste Beuve
My colleagues are insignificant people don't know anything (Goncourt).
Law about the Press, Renan etc.
on the other side, Villemain, St Marc Girardin etc.
Gérard Boulanger
Role of women more interesting than judgement of friends.
At least curious autographs Joubert, Valincourt [sic], Desbordes etc
Two types of restoration
Sadness at the thought of a voyage = 2nd theme 1st the girl selling coffee
Gérard Vigny, Mallarmé Forain

but with these shadows his pencil blended sweetness and light (C.L. VI, 419)
They celebrate you idem 422 the two races of intellect Hennin Bernardin. What lineages in Ste Beuve's family and yet each writer demands one of them. the Fairy intermingling with it (same page)
page 436 the beauties he was going to introduce was for the style and the pleasantness of the image 449 He is a redresser, said to Vigny it isn't the proper word, to Lamartine that's not it Bossuet, to Musset you were not noble, to Pt martin etc., to Villemain that Bernardin had a weak voice (and ended up by insulting him that one returns as one wishes there is a flagrant delight in malice etc like for Pt Martin), I would have rather believed Raphael, don't go and call him an eminent writer. But also: he would have been very astonished. This wisdom is the opposite of literary divination.
Last page of the volume (C.L. VI) marked with meanness and small-mindedness even volume on Paul and Virginie: fall under the ray.
Regrets ? reverse form of being able to lose d'Argenson in his park end Letters to Caroline. Splendid end for a simple heart. I read the Rouen newspaper etc. I chat with servants that I don't find as stupid as people of worth. I await the book about the Middle Ages. How I envy you with your work plans. I shall remain happily in Concarneau for the whole winter

the father thing Villemessant regrets "it's a waste". Return to simplicity after work like toil etc. More natural than Ste Beuve. Could make him appear smaller (what Goncourt said about the scene in L'Éducation sentimentale).
Mama on the contrary hides her quotations from others, has all her egoism for her own.
Eulalie, grandmother changing to room over the square, opposite the church.
Mama gives me the strength to only see through her because I know that night death is not an absence and that nature is not anthropomorphic

I have an egyptomorphic face

I will never be anxious to know Duchesse de Broglie, Cordelia Greffulhe
snow, sledges fat that you warm up cock reddened in the crackling morning like in the Breughel
I assure you that I picture his life to myself on the contrary with sympathy
with respect to politics completely externally
with respect to style
The two veins of the writer "I can only write the ideas that have formed in my thoughts. Without that", as Barine said, "the ink dries on the tip of my pen"
To think that all of those people were greater than him. He admired Taine above all  (all wrong) Renan that's to say nothing marvellous.
The curtains at the windows in the country.
Ste Beuve and the Goncourts and Virgil and Theocritus and Goethe to have Corneille. To love Ste Beuve.

This mediocrity of mine prevents the state necessary to being a writer being brought back, so by understanding it, - it also prevents writing.
Goethe read in the Globe.
When one has loved so many things one gets oneself embroiled once more and in the article about Chateaubriand to make jump ship. And the error.
Virgil imitating Homer
don't go and say (in Notes et Pensées.)
Lake and Olympio
Guizot on Thiers etc. etc.
Mme de Boigne.
Carnot who against the grain  has sacred virtue.
On Leopardi Musset: "oh the terrible child etc." On Gautier, NL VI 333 Bravo oh stoic of art Th Gautier 2177 (NL VI)
Good people I hold up Flaubert before you Good people he is left for Carthage.
Bug Jargal
Unpublished piece by Aloïsius Bertrand, Desbordes, Swetchine, Lamennais etc.
Thracyllus opera, Bertrand Aloisious [sic], raphaelesque horizon

Rémusat, Viennet "joking"
Ste Beuve esteemed (Duchatel, Mme d'Arbouville) good (Desbordes, Princesse, G. Sand)
Sand and Musset
Diabolus litterarius
Mme de Boigne's room Hues of the years, some, such other.
Tombstones, ideas.
Old age.
Apollo and Venus.
proud to feel of many
fear at knowing oneself discovered
Stop what does this mean
We speak he lies
Lamartine  there is only pathos
And you what are you doing then (against Mme de Staël)
Respectful letter from Constant to Chateaubriand what he reads in it if intimacy as against hope
phrase about Bernardin St Pierre fusion.
Sieyès (concerning L'Essai) note.
Sensitivity goes in drying out. In the true sense perhaps that the writer's debuts are truer. "Before art, before glory".
Nv Lundis III 1st page about Weiss "with a favourable conclusion" page 202 and let's cut out the most grotesque word.
Article about Weiss in spite of his little drops.
That idea of the Bertins was a marriage.
Evening excursions at Liège.
Articles about André Chénier (witticisms against M. Frémy) and
the bellows made by Propertius.
We speak he lies (Chd et son grpe litt.)
NL III 259 the old tree of the Gospel, the foxes etc.
218 (Chd et son grpe) all the points are covered. A little earlier thus spoke the amiable critic The stone of "my tomb".
As this cowl is immediately raised and concealed with grace (220)
the style of Mémoires d'outre tomb in the Nv Lundis and in Chd "who feels a little their low breton" (222)
from which  he had so strongly recommended youth p. 12 N L III.
Article about Delécluze Beyle otherwise known as Stendahl [sic] progressive spirit
Reading of Delécluze's memoirs in front of Mme de Noailles, scene of Vigny's Reception, Caumartin's.
The rest is from the great writer who closes the golden circle 405. (Preceding page see letter to G de Mussy le Rhône) etc.
attaching itself (through the love of poetry in short by a gold ring).
When the rain beat down I would have been able to beget worlds. traveller!
oh poet, it would have been better to act like the swan 194, 195 (PC II)
Antony Deschamps and Musset, there are the two opposites In the same volume article about Musset last sentence. Imitating nature

134 C.L. She held us all enchained at the feet of her statue by a golden chain.
Beautiful godsends
Royer Collard and Danton coupled together Mme Récamier and Mme de Sablé. Lionesses
The youngest of the graces excited the lions.
In the article about Royer Collard
And here is our well-combed man (squint-eyed) and in that one about Mme Récamier and Benjamin Constant laughing at German delicacy.
Bizarre expressions preceding and here is our well-combed man.

because he must be mentioned (article about Musset Volume XIII of the Causeries)
Abbé Prévost Volume IX of the Causeries last page because he discovered the ray. Same volume Massillon the curtain of the temple and
most striking designation. Hugo Forain his childhood
(critic must see in advance) if you come to tell us at midday the sun is going to rise.
Abbé Prévost (1st Lundis) contemporaries sometimes make these blunders.
That pacified dynasty of the Montmorencys
(Ah Ah!) Récamier article.
Tiberge and des Grieux in Prévost (Ah Ah)
Lamartine would have had to vanish like Romulus
Chateubriand like the Lamartine swan to a lady who asked him about his hair, oh but Racine
Golden circle of statues (1st volume of Chd et son gpe lit.) The bottom of the clock and the harp.
M. de Custine's tics but this M. de Custine isn't he the Marquis de Custine.
Knowing how to shed light from the lamp and the corner of the fire

It seems to me that I had to say the less uncomfortable
Touching, Chateaubriand repeating a position to Mme de Mouchy (Boigne)
His liaisons Duras, Beaumont, Mouchy, Custine, Récamier, Mme de C[astellane], Mme Hamelin, Mme Allart de Meritens etc.
Buttoned up.
pure scribblers at their time, seeking their authority from the dust.
Asiatic princes.
Tres torti radios imbris.
A talent in two persons.
gratitude for such distinguished persons so far apart - At 83 years old.
Conversation of Chenedollé.
Very agreeable page (Sismondi)
article about reading the Mémoires d'outre tombe. other contradictions.

one of the most cleverly expressed Flaubert between Barrière and Dumas fils.
golden arrows and the shells of Apollo Musset Volume XIII
daylight of Mme de Récamier's drawing-room (article about Chateaubriand which has the extract from Joubert)
half past midnight
profoundly and pleasantly Henri IV
the lunatic and ulcerated friend (Maréchal de Noailles by Rousset NL. Volume X)
Nights composed and meditated.
When he writes he is master and exquisite (Labruyère [sic] reply appendix)
Mme Villemain understood insinuating seduction and showed grace (idem)
Victor Hugo singling out the colour of Mme Nodier's dress.
"I spin my silks who will wind them."
As regards Ste Beuve Baignères' salons.
And to love Ste Beuve.

to love in the world is probably to see through the ridiculous in it, etc. in litera the foolishness in Lamartine's fatuity, the indelicacy in de Cousin's egotism, the laughable in the "poet" de Vigny.
Baignères' salons as regards Ste Beuve.
"M. de Broglie who has wit beneath his merit".
I shall say "if it pleases you to look for an old edition etc.
Happiness is nothing but a certain resonance of notes that vibrate at the slightest thing and that a ray of sunlight causes to sing. The happy man is like the statue of Memnon a ray of sunlight is enough to make him sing.
I read the writers Proclus etc. in a manner that is hardly flattering to them, like dictionaries.
I know that I will weep my gods unconscious p. 97 To sell the throne of angels.
Each hour of discussion costs us a celestial state.
When the demigods leave, the gods arrive. Their genius is in our words but the reality is sad (p 82) the glass tripod There are nothing but violets.
Montmirail, Bonnétable, the Marais, Champlatreux, Chaumont.
Emerson page 68 I leave woman brother, I hope it is better than a fantasy. I have my own prisoners to deliver. If I reproach myself it is not to dream it is that my dreams have still not produced my barn my house. page 73 and 74 against visits. p. 114 every man is an orb endowed with infinite centrifugal force and not conserving his individuality but at that cost.
Article about Madame Récamier in volume XIV of CL. Galatea throwing the golden apple, still woven, a very gracious queen, she gave opportunities to the minds of others.
Jokes about the powerlessness of de Ballanche and M. de Montmorency.
Her benign face the beloved and preferred custom. A regrettable society. Iroquois Homer (start of second volume of Chatbd et son gpe littér.
Say (regarding the articles on Diderot, the Duc de Luynes, Mme des Ursins etc etc) how charming he is, pleases, interest in everything.
Pleasure of being alone to cook oneself food.
Encounter while waiting for a Figaro
The choir of twenty women of [illegible] to Jesus Christ, round and blue.
the smile of the waiter hairdresser.
That name marked by a copper plaque at Abbeville.
We must not allow them to usurp the place of genuine books
Those names somewhat devoid of evidence (NL VII V, 339, with regard to Terence Menander)
and same phrase to disparage, to degrade.
next page where Catullus expresses to us abandoned Ariadne.
Of all men the one with whom he had the least relations (when one is speaking about someone) Balzac with Standahl [sic] and no doubt with Port Royal, La Rochefoucauld de Barthélemy, probably Cousin,
To love Terence.
French language forgotten by Mme des Ursins when travelling and taste for Chateaubriand when travelling.
M. Cousin has attached a ray of light to the trade. (NL V 375)
Bizarre idea about  Mme d'Albany and Fabre (Straus and Bizet) impropriety towards Mme de Pont Barthélemy.
p.s. on M. Cousin the behaviour that he prefers to hide. Volume X of NL.
Provençal poetry and how revived
is it nothing then (after Sully Prudhomme, letter to Baudelaire)

Very Ste Beuve "is it nothing then?"
"on Mme de Charrière on that Dutch woman etc, second page of the article of literary portraits our friend the doctor etc.
Men before glory Chateaubriand Benjamin Constant Maistre, Lamartine, Lamennais perhaps.
appendix to Mlle Aïsé, done well for understanding, good, good etc.
Mme née Bonneval.
how can I compare my idea of you with what you are which is not imaginative. I think upon seeing you I tell myself: it is she.

Regret of Lamartine and Hugo at not being Boileau and Racine.
A very moving detail p. 131 PL III
Barante: daughter who died in hospital
Fontanes poisoning an offering.
p. 445 and 446 of the NL X for artistic stupidity
soaking in the inkwell for Marivaux, for Labruyère [sic] (?) rain that dashes the flowers for a group out of pity and out of modesty for Aïssé always literary groups.
Rue Saint André des Arcs
"All he lacks is a frame to produce a picture after the description of the island by Henri IV CL XI and in the what more could you want, could Racan have said it better.
And in the descrip same volume about Cousin and Lamartine (end of the La Rochefd article) who do nothing but "declare" their nature and the ending.
In the article on Vernet for their grand Sundays (last page)
In the P.S. on Cousin's behaviour towards La Rochefd (Volume XI of C.L.) Ah! I catch you with your hand in the bag. "It's the Combat of the elements" (on Dangeau)  Ste Beuve must have been happy when he discovered these things. How well he knows to read to the end the letter from Vuillart on Racine interceding for Boileau; Corneille's poetry, de Lynes' journal, Dangeau's.
In the article about Rochefd Lenormand [sic]. "the least of what he was" fruits of his tongue

end of Vicq d'Azyr he has the physiognomy and the smile. On the reception by Caumartin Fénelon's smile
Bound volume of Causeries: end about Marivaux: portrait made to be seen from a distance on Stendahl [sic] novels or novellas of Mme de Duras. with an unworkable spirit same page.
Appendix: our friend the doctor.
marble aside (end of la Boétie).
In the article about Daru eulogy on that group of Colin d'Harleville etc. (still the same bound volume) and in the appendix regret that one of Baudelaire's poems was not in Latin.
Article about Mme de Boufflers NL, IV an erased pencil that is conscious of its pastel and has some delicacy.
The Flemish have found their equal (Cowper)
he is rejoining the "Venetians" (St Simon? or St Victor?)
rather stouter gentleman than before (Lebrun about Flaubert)
the doctor his nephew
St Simon illuminates the cave walls, insinuates us into many mysteries, makes Fénelon be understood, and before "circumstances imparted one knows not from whence"
Mlle Aïssé's book that one lends to one's friends.
St Simon bad politics it denotes his character (beginning of St Simon's preface)
to declare
That totally brutal portrait (in St Simon's preface)
Luynes, Tours Montfort Neuchâtel, etc.
Small book of texts bound in purple velvet finished with gold.
Letter in which he feels obliged to align successively all the banalities through noble aimiability.

Property of Montigny about which M. de La Ferronnays says to separate with regret in Récits d'une soeur, sold to the Duc de Laval where Mme de Récamier goes.
J at Mme Danrit's house, close to the privacy of today and close to B.
Eulogies to Princesse Clémentine in Mme de Boigne, to the aged La Ferronnays in the Récits d'une soeur.
La Bruyère (Onuphre?) in Pt Royal it's perfect, it's fine.
inqualifiable (Athalie I think in Pt Rl).
Waves of derision Port Royal about Montagne even to the beautiful Racinian waters p, 126 or 127 of volume VI and all the frightful images of water, like in the Montagne all the frightful images of waves. "He does not make the sweet cut he does not cavil."
(Molière in Pt Royal volume III, 295.

Port Royal III, 310 but this river oh poet!
Pt Royal III 276 also (listen!) elsewhere (note!) ("Of very good composition for them NL 103 volume 6)
Mme de Staël domination to her setting it must be added the delicate people love to excercise their delicacy. I reproach the public for not having gifts and not honouring NL 6, 283. Ste Beuve article NL III II on the maladies of Louis XIV "pitted" with smallpox. Dull seasons after seasons (of doctors)

Mme de Martel
St Léon-Albu[fera].
Daunou, dinner. past prowling in smells.
Portraits Contemporains IV "and the half forbidden golden fruit" (p. 36) last page about Parny and notably "the ray" last page about Daunou, comparison with medal. Daunou singing the little song. In the article about Fauriel Fauriel and Laennec singing the little song.
Heaven = banality of nobility.
Lustre Beauty of Gurcy at the home of the Devonshire's.
Operation of pleasure, for rooms of the Versailles style.
Material out of which the book must be made.
Death of Caran Dache [sic]
Dedication of Die Meistersingers to Eugène Lambert who was young at that time.

Night bells
Photograph of Mama - hair. Knees and feet cold recalling grandmother
Contradictory  points of Bataille Weber Fauré
Cloton at the bottom of herself
Antoine Bibesco who was thinking about the opera that I had never heard of.
Cloton's hair style
Person that one notices out of the corner of the eye from 200 metres with a cold greeting.
On George Sand we are more attached to the air than to words.
maxims of objection Boule de Suif and Flaubert as much as words spoken "preachingly" (Preface to Middlemarch)

The years 97 etc are persons made with different proper names etc.
In life novels never end.
Yes one could still see in Paris in the year 84.
History of Balzac's marriage is one of his novels.
Analysis of characters from his family.
Truly the past is not very distant this Mme Lapierre but I know her daughter-in-law, these Vasses, these Raoul Duval etc, from one bank to the other, only a little bit further but we have seen it again in her youth But that etc.
Balzac thoughts on the organ (Duchesse de Langeais) flowers (Lys dans la vallée) tile-flooring (Recherche de l'A[bsolu])

Balzac said the very thing itself: sleeping bullets that awaken lamp lit in the interior (Duchesse de Langeais) the same in Suarès Revue Française April 1912
smell of threatening meat in a museum
Post card of France of Belgium. on Anvers
Grasses in the mountain.
Berncastell, sudden ideas, imaginary quarrels.
Me I have dined with her but I don't love her
(Meilleur ami dinner at Claude's).
Claude who is loved so much only loves that old horror
Characters half of one, several agglutinated, writers.
Old duc in the garden.
Boylesves "the four" or five became the five or six in Le Meilleur ami. "Open! Expression on the preparation for the Council of State by Mme Dieulefit d'Oudart.
Balzac making each character talk well Mme Tiphaine's jokes describing Roguin's salon.
Converstaion in Duchesse de Langeais between the old noblemen. How many oysters they ate.
Words of Mme de Langeais I love you truly.
Old Chinese.
Unpoetic images green cloth of the lecturer (in Mon amour)
the go-betweens and the Comte de Guermantes.
First page of Mill on the Floss
The Marquis de Guermantes - Antics.
L'Ensorcelée. Balzac: like Zurbaran
painted in a stroke L'Ensorcelée, p. 306.
Here's why etc.
Feeling of anxiety in a landscape. The woman in the Vieille Maîtresse searching for her husband.
The husband in L'Ensorcelée travelling the land and she previously coming out of the first mass.
The curses against which one can do nothing, the Vellini girl, the Shepherd.
Beautiful figures in beautiful frames, the shepherds on the land.

Local colour, all the customs, the objects, especially at burials weaving an ancient and local fabric from that history, feeling of comparing to that of oral history indicated in the preface, cloths, coins white things etc. p. 264 even the trades are ancient and unusual, the people who buy young girls' hair, the looking-glass of the shepherds. Nothing of all this in Un coeur simple for example. Because of that perhaps I choose Barbey over Flaubert. They say that Barbey paints Normandy, but a land of sadness (and I think too in La Vieille Maîtresse) and nothing of Brittany in the true sense.
Nobility morning in Ireland (The diabolical Destouches etc. Lucien's Claremont)
Cult for the physical thing that is a living trace under which there is the breath of the past, old accounts, old words, old objects, old trades - and also the psychological trace that redness of Mme Lehardouey of Mlle de Touffedelys, also I believe of  la Clotte. Perhaps that is a littlebit Balzacian. The freckles in Le Curé de village, the physical resemblance of the mistress to the Fille des yeux d'or and to de Marsay, to Lugia [sic] and to Renée Maucombe (check the names)
Bremond, P[aul] Del[auny] Eug[ène] Fould, Pierrebourg
Balzac if I you see the means to make three words fit.
Stendahl [sic] Civil code
Taine "a sparkling note"
Slavonic charm - and her daughters (Gould Bernardaky)

The ignoble name of Émilie
The girl with bloodshot eyes the Parasite the abandoned woman
However we can't encourage that, besides we would not be making them any happier, thus I had a chambermaid. She had some scruples. He was a charming man. It doesn't make it right that he was ill, that would only make it worse.
We don't even understand what you say to the coachman.
She supressed a smile Just as Swann would have been proud of her.
Roche's mysterious smile when I say yes for you, for those about whom Françoise said: My lovely Jeanne. Félicie Berncastell Félicie li-ons Félicie - Antoine that is not done.

Balls at the Comtesse's home.
Movements when getting dressed quickly, just as being next to a trunk giving off the charm of leaving by motor car or by railway train, for Fresne or from Milan to Venice.
Hombourg, Hector evening
Beauvais cathedr.
Rastignac parents
In the métro Rastignac Monfort
Boni, Gontaut.
Combray St Hilaire etc sunshine
S[c]hopenhauer and Noailles and Mama and profession, and illness. Pleasures of the intelligence. Pleasures? music, love, sad mourning etc, Clermont Tonnerre.
Swann, magnanimity etc.
For In the last part show the opposite point of view of intelligent people and artists Sylvie - Baudelaire and show that people in society find stupid precisely that which I wanted to do by always having the irrational as an objective. In politics emotion about Waldeck etc false. Ste Beuve a man of wide education has a clear idea of nuances. And moreover understands everything but doesn't sufficiently seek to do the irrational.
"Magnificently" in Ste Beuve.  Morceaux choisis page 142 (Magnificent museum crowned by Virgil)
Also in article on Balzac about the friends that he quotes.
where? terms of the most magnificent eulogy.
Also in the Goncourts no doubt.
"As early as the overture, you see! (Hoch, Hoch!
(like Renan oh)
(Morceaux choisis  on Paul and Virginie)
Noailles, Gustave Moreau.
the Giottos.
Antipathetic figures and similar (Christ at St Mark's)
The sisters of charity (Giotto's Justice Queen of Chartres)

Glasses at Combray, while travelling, beer in remorse.
Romain Rolland.
Coffee after deception by the island and and later an angel partly opening the doors."
Ste Beuve about Condorcet: not noble
old man.
don't forget:
Solitary writers and Society writers
Papa's "point"
Funeral of Mlle d'Aymery at the church in Illiers.
Mme de Noailles not being able to enjoy the beautiful universe because of the fear of the bedroom wallpaper and the indifferent valet.
The poet is interested in the small incidents funeral at Illiers, the fact of living in Pinsonville, France seeing the ladies from the château etc. etc.

It is known what I think about love; I think it so worthless that it doesn't even make any intellectual demands on me, and when Niet[zs]che says (journal des Débats 17 August 1909) that he doesn't acknowledge a friendship that he doesn't consider intellectual that seems quite deceitful to me for that detractor of Wagner "genius of deceit" (same newspaper). Also his visit to ... about knocking down the Louvre is very deceitful too.
What can we do that is not within us.
What does it mean to explain something.

an action (go to see, sign a list) etc.
I only acknowledge others as stimulating informers (Harrison Floride).
But in the moments when one needs to throw oneself in the spirit of hot soup, Parent's visit - Montargis who we did not know in Paris, like a cheery lamp. - They will think I am a dry heart. I do not think there are any more tender. But like the virtue of an atheist. Not like with others, for pain, on the contrary I revel in friendship but don't believe in it. Those that I believe in, I don't revel in. - Not so ridiculous the little nucleus of the Verdurins. At a certain age weariness, desire that our friends respect us, deference, gentleness, charm etc. - Falsehood of friendship because nothing in the others, and because obscure thoughts (joy of sympathy etc.) that it provokes afterwards and which don't
Temptation to be overcome not talking about society so as not to displease people from society. talking about intelligent things so as to please intelligent people. Article by Vandérem (17 August) Banco just as remarkable as Niet[zs]che. Intellectuality is the art of avoiding difficulty. Difficulty overcome the sole merit of art (Renan but Michelet?)
For little nucleus, great sweetness at a certain moment to think that all our efforts, all our days, all our acts of kindness are not lost, that our male friends, our female friends thrive, fructify, increase in beauty and in tenderness from our goodness, that the future will not change, that it will be made up of the same people, coated, inflated, by our days that went before.
Perhaps more painful to leave young girls that we love platonically.
Legrandin's nephew: "he is very intelligent"
(Parent) I know that he's somebody distinguished in every way (d'Albu[fera]) it's a selection (Parent)
Conduct of a government. Revolution, tax, carriage closed coronet, preparing a racecourse, periodic moment, planet Mars, Querqueville (equivalent)
Albu[fera] logic in falling out with someone
Love bullet that comes back. Pl[antevignes] and Swann's mistress.
To investigate ideas (Niet[zs]che, philosophy) is a lesser thing than to investigate reminiscences, because since the intelligence does not create and does nothing but disentangle not only is its goal less noble but its task is less great.
No man has ever had any influence upon me (but Darlu and I have only remembered him badly) No action exterior to oneself has any importance: Niet[zs]che and the war, Niet[zs]che and Wagner, Niet[zs]che and his scruples. Reality is within oneself. (Wagner talking opera and marriage Emerson we must live an absurd idea).

To be added to my conception of art in the last part.
That which occurs however obscurely at the depths of consciousness, before being realized in a work, it is necessary before bringing it out into the open it is necessary to make it traverse an intermediary region between our subconscious and our exterior, our intelligence, but how to lead it there, how to apprehend it. One may spend hours trying to bring back the first impression, the ungraspable sign that gave that impression and which said: fathom my depths, without summoning it back, without forcing its return to us. And that is what all art is, it is the only art. The only thing worth expressing is that which has become visible in the depths and usually, except for when illuminated by light, or in moments of exceptional clarity and animation, these depths are obscure.This depth, this inaccessibility to us is the only token of their value - at the same time as a certain joy. It matters little what it is about. A church steeple that is imperceptible during the day has more value than a complete theory of the world.
Look in the large excercise book arrival in front of the Campanile. - and also Zohar.
Thus we cannot interest ourselves when we are told about an art this is more human, less human that makes no sense to us. A stitch button in a silk shirt, a stitch in a cloth (Kahn's Ver Meer) a bodice (Straus) having as much value as an art that is human (Rolland according to Placci, Bernstein) my Renan (this of rather more intellectual note) or connected with words, sociologist (Barrès, Bordeaux) the whole thing is a question of interior distance, of trajectory, the material is it that mysterious material without the nourishment of which the mind languishes, it is everything. Intellectual, human ideas, but frivolous but visible to the heavens closer to the intelligence have less value, are less real.
Joubert and Ste Beuve (like Nerval and Hallays)
Ferdousi or Firdousi
Room dirty and ancient but with an imposing character seen as the most beautiful, besides Théodore has a catalogue which explains the subjects; the portal which above all is as good so they say as the one at Chartres is of remarkable beauty.
230 steps.
Feat of strength
what St Hilaire has that is most beautiful is undoubtedly its views deserves to be seen so that we distinguish when the sky is clear.
remarkable stained-glass for the most part modern
The imposing grandiose glance The glance
We have glimpses on giving a special character
in spite of a few fairly realistic details
witness of a genuine spirit of observation
organ case particularly carefully sculpted in open work.
Add to Balzac in Barbey, beginning of Ch[evalier] des Touches "to different stages of the social amphitheatre". The abbot "who hadn't read Shakespeare".

The head of the abbot that would have seemed grotesque in England that country of grotesques.
It would be interesting to remake the Touffedelys' salon with Eyragues and the salon of the Light Cavalry of the Réservoirs but with the modern spirit of Mme d'Eyr[agues]
Jealousy requires desire of the other hence not for Guercy.
Mundane tapestry.
My grandmother's sister.
Time however awakes, and like Giotto's Justice.
"Society" becoming charming once again.
Caillavet friendship forgotten.
One of those
Trouville returning to the Veaux, before [illegible]
but too long an interval.
Kitty's insignificant words 2nd vol of Anna K[arenina] The old Prince's jokes
M. Fould. Montebello at Fould's. Charming jokes the Prince makes offering not to leave. I don't think he will come to your supper. You flee from us You are courteous.
Yes I see

we [illegible]
Yes I see
Always verification in the same sense as for a scientific hypothesis
I couldn't stop you I didn't know.
I have no money to lose
I would always have it close to me, or on me.
You do not manage to give something that cost a lot of money but to show her that you thought of her.
I had a dizziness, it's idiotic
I am asking you because I know that it will give her pleasure.
He liked to criticize her in front of others just to talk about her and because he kept affirming his love, and to find a lot of things out.
Brother or father who makes everybody laugh with his jokes.

Notes on Barbey written in the Diaboliques.
After forgetfulness wanting to show coldness to the ungrateful woman to take revenge for his confidences To find out the truth about her love affairs.
Never could I allege love without forgetfulness!
That is to hold onto her. Even more so nothing of the three.
Hawthorn painted pink like orchestra.

Gordon Lennox in a carriage or apparition coming into our life.
Going to give the fan to Mme Faure.
Barbey d'A[urevilly]
What is interesting with him is that material things are loved for something else that is hidden there, the words of M[aîtr]e Tannebouy or Chevalier des Touches contain History, like the old customs (Ensorcelée) words. But this symbolic material is above all the psychology, the face of Aimée de Spens, of the Ensorcelée, the hand in Rideau Cramoisi. Likewise society is the old prestige of the aristocracy beneath the body of the nobility (La Clotte it's all the commoners, see the ancient bourgeois servants from Dessous de cartes) and England hidden and giving off perfume. When he said pretty as a Scottish village, he has brought together that which is united in all his books. Perhaps historic Bayeux kindred in Augustin Thierry (Conquête)
381 Sureau at Levallois 109 95

Pieces to be added
Paris: posters, theatre (illusion) Sarah.
Comrade threatened by madness, Valti that only Mama will recall. Greeting of Mme de Guermantes
1. Sleep noise of train becoming through refraction morning bell
2. Recolletion of the state firstly with the young girl (Chartres) tears
3. After the death of my grandmother, apparitions etc. - somewhere Félicie not knowing that I have taken trional
4. Retrospective jealousy in dreams


Names Pontaven etc. journeys to towns.
But they are not their name. Past changed from a distance. elucidations of the past that come to us like the light from stars
Clary, Mme del Valle to be put somewhere


Shrub bought to provoke words of fresh gratitude in the mind of the young girl like an horticulturist

crows from the steeple
crossing the street to be in the shade.

To add to G.'s departure, she didn't was going to write to him that she hadn't left, that she couldn't leave without him. etc. she saw his face close to hers she called him wicked.


We see We feel in his life, in his letters like in a vein of ore where it is barely recognizeable, a few traces of his work, which is the sole raison d'être of his life, his loves, are what remain that only exist to the extent that they provide the materials, that hold out to it and that remain in it alone. In his letter his letters that are like channels of his work I see drawn out the little business of Caprice and in readiness in a corner the wig that on the end of a hook must cross the stage of Fantasio. He was in love and when he was made delirious with it, and delirious about brought back his fevered state to God. All of this decanted will pass into his poetry, in on ne Badine pas etc. We feel That is like "Ah!", like the "Oh!" of Renan's seminarist. His life will be spent rather in the subject of his works, a rake (which he was) who has aspects of naivety. Perhaps some of the songs of the debauched, as he had to do in plenty of others (poem to George Sand, poem to Moinillon) that passed into his work Ballade à la lune, la Zuecca.
He had certain peculiarities of language, a way of balancing the words that interrupted took the place of the thought, and even if he had one, he preferred it in his need to show the cadence which is a feature anchored to him like beauty-spots, something that marks the skin, the person, it is his skin texture; these are  2nd letter to A[imée] d'Alton (2nd Figaro at least) I would like when we have written a book we must be able to undo it such as "When you have read me I would like you to be able to reread me"
Perhaps it was a mannerism of language from his family that has become an element of beauty in him in only (in his work) like a certain sort of nose or brow that is ugly throughout the family and becomes something beautiful on one of the daughters. Yet he had these features of his mind were practically doctrinarian; abstract language, man of distinction, amateur raised up by the arts at the same time as being a rake, writer Revue des deux mondes, art critic, academy oration - on this side man artist writing well on the higher subjects Fromentin, Halévy. Also liked embroidered clothes (Fantasio) his hopes of being sent to Spain by the king to be nearer to Baudelaire longing for the Académie etc. and for an article by Ste B. If he was debauched it is also true that he was simple, like his rakes. He said kindly to Aimée d'A[lton], the dandy: you have to go through Mama's dining room to get to my room. You will see it's Stairs written there. -

To be added
Poetry on its own has no significance. He said I reap in secret these mysterious flowers which has a sound of Baudelaire and I cannot in spite of myself the infinite torments me which has a sound of Baudelaire (Hidden verse)
Reread à la Mi-carême. creates strange pegged on passages (in la Zuecca meadows of verbena) finds Florence like Versailles (see the poems to his brother, well-known free liver calls his Muse my fair one (Nuit de mai)

Lucienne Legras
142 rue Marcadet
Guermantes cynegentic moron, pilgrimages, the monkey showing the magic lantern, frogs of the Nile, aerophagia special voice (d'Haus[sonville] friend of Kings (the old blind man, Luynes) and politeness (Gramont to Vallières, letter J[ean] de Castel[lane] Marquis de Castel[lane] Paris, d'Antin doing the honours of the house to St Simon)
Is it by the Essling way. Through your friend Hahn.
take language

I don't think that would be best good, I find that exaggerated, of my time.
Caillavet at Gustave de Rothschild's.
Mme Caro and Mme de Chimay
Kopff St Saens and General Saussier.
Dedication to Lucien the pages closing the circle
Princesse d'Oloron or de Mauléon

Proper names
Marquis de Foudras
Marquis de Tourpes
Marquis d'Espinchal de Gaucourt
Marquis Prince de Monjeu
- de Baujeu
Vicomte d'Albret
Marquis de Souvré
Vicomte de Lussan
Vicomte de Pontoise
Marquis de Lectoure
Vicomte de La feuillette
Marquis de Montgon
Chevalier de Condom
The Duc d'Albe
The Vicomte d'Auch
the Marquis d'Ermont
the Marquis de Thomery
The Vicomte de Platères
The Vicomte de Seineport
The Baron d'Arbainvilliers

M. Deltour
M. Moreau
M. Roussel
M. Grosbourg.
don't forget
trees at Belle Ile motor cars at Honfleur beautiful rustic houses
My love more important for the one who doesn't love me other than for myself
longing for Venice already seen, blue heat, midday, hunger, leaving home.
Present for someone to whom one was cool, equilibrium
Quarrel thinking one has created a misunderstanding Foucart Portia.
France on Gurcy, on the painter.
Man of genius slanders everything (Bataille)
How when he can see a man of my worth (me old, France me) but in reality it is the man of genius that does it first to himself. Bataille asks to be introduced to Hermant, Bergson trying to get into the Science Morales.
Bergson Matière et mémoire "contract" "cut" 73 "point driven by the past"
74 void ends in the future 76
Additions pages 31, 130, 31 42, 52, 23, p. 87
p. 9 additions and suppressions. p. 92 p. 8
p. 48 (doubtful) 82 and 83 p. 85 p. 88 p. 92, 93 p. 129 St Martin le Beau p. 44 p. 80a 81a
and words of Françoise here and there. p. 84 p. 118 (the steeple) and verso

H. Robert
64 Raynham Road
Upper Edmonton

Thomas Hardy. I notice in A Pair of Blue Eyes that wonderful geometric parallelism, those tombs one next to another, those people that sit on the tombs coming back from Jethway, the boat parallel with the mountain where Knight and Elfridre [sic] are, and the contiguous railway carriages where Knight and Smith are while a third carriage carries the dead Elfridre [sic]. And the novel a little annoying unhurried about Smith followed by Knight's romance like The Well Beloved but here it's the woman who loves three of them. And always, as in Jude the Obscure, the fragment of sculpture, the sculpted stone. The role that stone plays in his books. Tomb, church, quarry. Marcia marries Pierston as Arabella remarries him. A little bit of Pater's Denys l'Auxerrois in Pierston and the island.
H[ard]y's novel are constructed in this superimposed way, the tombs, the spaces one on top of another. A small corner of ground and all vertical one above the other like in the island where the houses are superimposed.

Grisy (Calvados)
Cintheaux (id.)
Trie Chateau (Oise)

The water jets and toddlers of which you tell
And that which brings honour being quoted by you
Makes you a rather uncommon diadem
Palace beautiful rare as those of confessions, my Lord Count!
Near the melancholy castle of which Gautier gives us account

the Marquis d'Honfleur St Euverte
the Vicomte de St Guénolé
Marquis de Novepont
Marquis des Tourelles de St Euverte
Marquis de Sponde and the Vicomte de Vervins.
Marquis de Palacy
Marquis de Gaucourt
de Baudricourt
de Fierbois
de Neufpont
de Clefcourt Neuclef
de St Candé
de Bréquigny
de St de Forestelle

Henri 19bis rue Fontaine room 38
2nd restaurant after brasserie Léon Place
Place Blanche (Jouve)

First names

Paul Vernet-Murat
Albert le Cuziat 47 rue St Dom
Georges Polleunis
Gabriel Paul 6 rue Bourse
Gaston Coignet Radziwill
Maurice Royer-Ganay
AB. 20 Avenue de Clichy
André Poncins 11 Avenue d'Iéna

Roger de [illegible]
Villa du Belvédère
Marquise de Virolef
Duchesse Marquise de Villeparisis
Duchesse d'Ermantes
Vicomte de [illegible]
Marquise de St Euverte

Charles de Bernochi
Tuesday Thursday afternoon

13bis Avenue de Père Lachaise

Comte de Froberville
de Cambremer
de Bréauté
Gonfreville (") M[an]che
d'Arnetal Maugis
de Morieonval

Gurcy always has the appearance of a sovereign incognito or of a conspirator who fears being discovered. Eyes making his disguise crack (Royer)

He was mistaken, She did not imagine experience any irritation because she at being born Legrandin for the simple reason that she had no recollection of it.

5 rue Raspail
13 Ch Place de
Chateaudun Levallois


109 95 (brother-in-law)
136 Bd de Clichy

One day my grandmother said to me: ["]Since Montargis is friendly with you, I am afraid of annoying you by talking about him, couldn't you recommend to him the florist who is in his aunt's building, I'm sure he passes in front of it without giving it any thought. A young man like that sends lots of flowers, that's what keeps a florist in business, couldn't you recommend to him the one who is in his aunt's building, you know how absent-minded young men are, I'm sure he passes right in front of it without even  noticing it. And they are such good people." I do not know why I considered it an irritating and stupid whim that ought not to be encouraged ought not to be encouraged, this mania of my grandmother's of always wanting to profit from a chance to do render some service to her protégés. I would have liked to shower Montargis with kindnesses and out of delicacy never asked any of him, I replied angrily to my grandmother that it was impossible, and she, fearing more than anything throwing with a sweet  expression that gave the appearance of her laughing at herself for having had such an idea, and being full of respect for my decisions and my friendships that did not concern her said: "But I quite understand, you must do what you think is best." But from time to time with a smile on her face as if to make fun of herself, she would say all the same it's a pity that nobody could recommend those florists. You're going to say I'm talking nonsense but I always come back to my florists.
- And after her death all of a sudden the memory of one of her smiles at table, recalled to me one she had had sitting opposite me at breakfast in Querqueville excusing herself for the demand she had made of me and that I had just refused of recommending Brichot to Montargis. Then the small deception that I had caused her imprinted itself so painfully in my heart that I could not bear it, and like a kettle that an electric current passes through, I jumped was displaced from the bed on which I was sitting. Undoubtedly I knew that she had not been unhappy, that as for myself I made light of things that were refused to me, but from the moment I could no longer reconcile with her, take her in my arms, say to her how could you believe that I would seriously refuse a world where this reparation was no longer possible, was no longer bearable to me, all the pleasures and all the sorrows of the world no longer counted for anything next to the grief of not being able to efface the deception, the impish and mocking smile on her face and from the moment that I could no longer do so I wanted to die.
Undeniably this idea often presented itself to me again later and left me indifferent but it was because it was destitute of that superior part of that pinnacle that ideas have for us only on certain days, the only ones that count in life, the only ones where they are complete and not the insipid fragments of ideas.
To be added to the day at St Cloud.
And from the height of the terrace I saw all Paris reassembled and towards four all Paris reassembled and I saw all Paris reassembled and offered up to the light. Quite The sun sun had reappeared not to the degree to the degree overtaking the day to the exact degree where it was in its decline. +

And as if at the hour of our return, when the labourers sit down at their table where the it feels good in one's study where and in the where one is working, in the kitchen where dinner and in the kitchen, nature itself has become a kind of interior light artificial light there was I noticed on the foliage a warm reflection as if it had been approached by an invisible flame, a red light at the top of the house had the appearance of being the reflection not of the sun but of a kitchen-range that was heating up; and from the height of the terrace, I saw all Paris reassembled, illuminated, as if under the light of  as if beneath the shade of an invisible lamp all Paris lit up, illuminated, vermillion, reassembling and offering to the vermillion light which illuminated it, Notre Dame Ste Chapelle, the Invalides, Sacré Coeur, all her most precious relics from which exhalation took place at that at that month of the year moment in the year, it was almost the height of the afternoon towards four o'clock in the evening where the solemn and vermillion exhalation took place.

+ Put this at the cross on the opposite page "after  its decline". Now At St Cloud It was still mild and as if it were still midday, but lower down over towards Paris, like that it is that is the rule of that lower down towards Paris, because that such is the rule for these months of the year. Close to me on the ground, on the golden leaves it still seemed mild like at the start of midday at the start of the day.
But everything just as at this season as it was already November it can be observed that at the height of the afternoon towards four o'clock when it set, I saw it already I saw it towards Paris already so advanced in the course of its decline and I dreamed that it was high time I went back down if I wanted to return so many of our impressions the laws our most vulgar habits are sometimes frequently linked to those cosmogonic laws that in the season in which one was after it was time I went back down if I wanted to arrive before nightfall. Resume Resume here :>
And just as if the hour of one's return I was reading I was warming myself up before the time I needed to get myself ready to go to dinner. And just as if the hour of one's return. These were the ideas so many of the cosmogonic laws carry along with them our most vulgar impressions, I thought that in the season where we were if I wanted it if I still wanted to seize it again in its path it was time I went back down, if I wanted to ret arrive before nightfall. And just as if at the time Resume as if after the cross And And Just as if at the time But I was conscious of it at P over Paris already in its decline so much this and I was obliged to go back down if I wanted to return before nightfall, so we have from the most vast astronomical laws the immediate, proximate sensation that influences our most humble habits. I read, I warmed myself up before the time I needed to get myself ready for dinner. And as if the hour (resume as if after +)
Nothing This voice contrasted so much with the strong, drawling, bantering, harsh infexion contrasted so much with the tone of his books that I was party to a deception. His conversation and his books appeared to me as two opposite things. Yet I understood a But all of a sudden (perhaps when I got back home) I began to say out loud a phrase from one of his books as if he had said it, then abruptly like somebody who has found the answer to a riddle, or the solution to a mathematical problem and sees in a flash that everything fits together, I saw that with the transposition of the voice to the style, in the end it was the same thing, and that this perpetual bantering reasoning that he applied to everything was exactly the measure, the progression, the living soul of his books. Add there perhaps what has already been written. Then it was a living, gripping ardent conversation with what he said. And in the end such were his books. The Bergottesque charm that they released was of what was could be extracted from this material and that it that found itself released, because it was Bergotte who had worked on it. But what he had had in sight was the material. The Bergottesque charm like all charms is merely individual, it cannot be drawn from one particular thing. Writers who copied Bergotte believed that it was the done thing, so they had introduced it into their book like those Italian heads, those Greek profiles from which the professors think they have extracted the lines of beauty; and when we find them banal. And when one reads Bergotte afterwards, just as when I had talked with him, he appeared less Bergottesque than one had thought, with a multitude of other things upon which all of a sudden, less individually, but drawn from the chaos, but new, like a face seen for the first time the inimitable smile.
Don't forget later on.
And His kindness had been augmented with his sharpness. Because the faculty to imagine all lives had rendered him quite indifferent to duties to affections to sorrows in his own life, but made him experience to their fullest extent those of others. So that he passed easily among his own as the sharpest of men, and as the best of men among strangers.

My grandmother
Every time I dreamed about her she I thought she had gone to bed without telling me I was broken-hearted I saw Françoise pass by furtively. But She was in bed but not yet asleep, but she sent me away immediately, brusquely, as if it were too late to want to see her, because during the day I had preferred everyone else over her, and now she did not want to see me, and extinguishing her light she pretended to be asleep.

To go either at the end of the first part (persistent lilacs) or in the last (soirée).
I have no more sought beauty in solitude, in the found beauty in solitude than in society, I have found it when by chance to however insignificant an impression, a horn the repeated sound noise of the horn of my motor car wanting to overtake another, came to attach itself spontaneously to an anterior impression of the same nature which gave it a sort of consistency, of density, and which gave demonstrated to me that the greatest joy that the mind can experience is to contain something that is general and that completely fills it. Certainly such moments are rare, but they rule our whole life.
Additionally say there must be something almost hallucinatory about it (consequently supplied from outside Because in order to reconstruct faith in rea to see again clearly, it is necessary to believe and not simply to imagine like those lovers voluptuaries who can think calmly about all the pleasures that a woman is going to give them but who if they imagine that she is going to come in one hour's time, they see much more forcefully that they are unable to resist her.
Don't forget Odette's family relations or Rigaud's.
Don't forget little phrase Memories that are unconscious of time deceived like swallows it is in the wood of the instruments. Acoustic. Call of the sirens.
25033 9 rue de la Bourse
M. Jean.

Don't forget for Mantegna somewhere "Those great blue skies, deepened by the not far off rain deepened airy blues and almost Parisian remote by the recent rain deepened by the recent rain behind which they were receding, by the wind which had carved out openings towards into other more distant skies hidden except in farther off gaps + than that one and in which swollen streaked, swollen and stiffening clouds like bisters, balls of ivory but of an ivory thaf for certain ones is pink because, placed in that position like witnesses in order to display the colour of the sun's different rays in which that they intercept and reflect into the centre of those that are from the daylight there are according to which some of them that are already lighting up the setting sun or that still conserve and transport the dawn and cont enclose and
Or better to leave till later +
But as his men are primarily statues as well as lemons, apples, corals threaded like pearls and bent into a canopy they take on with Mantegna an almost inanimate quality, an odour of stuffiness and compose a marquetry in the style of that which we admire on mother-of-pearl boxes
See the segment about Mantegna in excercise book 5

Room 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 December

Lucien Chauvet
Post Office Café Dupont
21 rue Montmartre

André Muse
Dijon spiced bread 8 Place de la Madeleine

Le Brusc
by Six-Tours [sic]

Due to the fragmentary nature of these notes it is not possible to create a strictly coherent translation. Some parts are necessarily conjectural. There are copious explanatory notes in Carnets, Gallimard 2002 which I have chosen not to include in this translation as they would have almost doubled its length.
At the end of this carnet are two pastiches translated elsewhere: The Lemoine Affair by Chateaubriand amd The Lemoine Affair by Sainte-Beuve


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