Letters to Léon Yeatman


[16? June 1894]

   Yes, dear friend, despite the things that I am going to say to you, a thousand thanks. Would you like to see me tomorrow at a time that suits you (except between 5 and 7)? Would you like to attend the dinner at the École des Sciences politiques which is taking place tomorrow in the rue Serpente? Send me a brief telegram.
   After leaving you the other day I had a visit from Chefdebien. I will tell which dramatic incidents we resolved then. You can see that I have much to tell you and that you will be well recompensed for the trouble of seeing me. What about our plans for the theatre on Sunday?
   Affectionately yours,

Marcel Proust.


[9? September 1897]

My dear little Léon,

   I have been in Paris for 2 days and on the first (yesterday) I broke my nose, as they say, over your studies before 6 o'clock. Tomorrow, Sunday, would you care to come to Paris in the afternoon or evening (not in the morning)? I would be so pleased to be able to see you and I also may have a favour to ask of you.
You wrote me a very pretty Scottish letter and if I didn't reply to you it was because, not feeling very strong in Kreutznach where I had gone because it is so good for Mamma even though it made me very ill, I was working so hard there that I wasn't able to write any letters at all.
   I hope that you are well. Your friend.

P.S. Would you like to dine with me - or have lunch - but at dinner my uncle and aunt will be there ...


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