Watteau alternative manuscript


   I often think with sympathy, with pity, about the life of Watteau, whose works remain the allegory, the apotheosis of Love and Pleasure, and who was, according to his biographers, of such a weak constitution that he could hardly know the pleasures of love. Moreover, in his work love is melancholy as is pleasure. And if it has been said that he was the first to have painted modern love, understanding it was no doubt understood by that no doubt as a love in which conversation, good food, pleasure-trips the pleasures of conversation, of good food, of pleasure-trips hold more of a place than the pleasure itself, a sort of embellished impotence. Other features complete the resemblance to Watteau's life with Any artist will still recognize his life in other features of Watteau's life I think that there is not an artist who would not recognize his life today in other features of Watteau's life. It is said that he had many friends almost all of whom became his enemies.

Aristophil, Lettres et manuscrits autographes, dessins - aquarelles - photographies, 8 juillet 2021, Lot no. 216.


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