To Gustave L. de W. 1

"Lovers, happy lovers!" (La Fontaine)

Love rises from hearts like an odour of roses!
It is beautiful to know a heart filled with love,
To see in their depth great dawning springs
That rush so fast and clear from this glittering day.
Yet loving Hearts resemble so much the more
The night more exhilarating still than day,
The night, clear or black, that empties the heavens
Of sweet confusion, mysterious as love.

The night! the sea! the only two magical things!
Huddled within his magnificent silken coat,
I lose myself by sinking my gaze in his eyes,
His indifferent eyes, languorous and mystical.


Le Mensuel, February 1891.

1. Gustave Laurens de Waru (1871 - 1941), nephew of Comtesse A. de Chevigné, friend from Proust's university years.


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