Social Life

11 December, a gala performance of Carmen at the Opéra-Comique in aid of the subscription to the Bizet monument. M. J. de Reské, M. Lasalle, Mme Galli-Marié, Mme Melba and Mme Rosita Mauri added their brilliant contributions to this glorious evening.

Les Vivants et les Morts, the superb musical composition by M. Henri Maréchal, was a resounding success at the evening party given by Mme Émile Ambre on the 21 December.

Le Mensuel no 3, December 1890.

Mme Adam has resumed, from three to six, her usual, ever popular, Thursdays, which will come to an end, as every year, on the 1st of May.

Most brilliant evening party on the 13th of January at the home of Mme Aubernon de Nerville. Mme D. sang to perfection La Chanson de Marjolaine by M. Vidal, and La Révérence, a mime in one act by M. Maurice Le Corbeiller (with music by M. Vidal), was received with great success; additionally it was very well interpreted by Mlle Ludwig, Colombine; M. B., Lescaut; .M. D., Cassandre; and M. T., Pierrot.

On the 22nd January Mme Munkaczy held a very beautiful evening party in honour of Fischoff, the Hungarian composer, whose works were performed to much applause by Mme Krauss, Mme Montigny-Remaury, M. Marsick, M. Delsart and M. Domes.

Le Mensuel no 4, January 1891.

Wonderful evening parties given on the 3 and 16 February at the home of the governor general of the Banque de France and Mme Magnin.

The wedding of M. Théodore Reinach and Mlle Fanny Kann was celebrated on the 5 February at the synagogue on rue Buffault.

Much liveliness and gaiety at the ball given by Mme Sulzbach on the 9 February. A superb cotillion.

The wedding of Mlle Jeanne Hugo to M. Léon Daudet was celebrated on the 12 February at the town hall on the XVIth arrondissement.

Mme Maurice Sulzbach held a musical evening on the 17 February where Saint-Saëns' oratorio Le Lyre et la Harpe was performed with great success.

Wonderful costume ball on the 21 February at the home of M. and Mme Hachette.

A most brilliant evening party on the 24 February at the home of M. and Mme Arnous. On the programme: Mlle Lépine and M. Mazalbert; M. Dumény, Mlle Laurent and Mlle Dulac from the Odéon.

Le Mensuel no 5, February 1891.

Performed on the 3 March Ce que ça dit, a revue in seven acts by M. Gaston Arman de Caillavet and M. Paul Grunebaum at the home of Mme Eugène Pouquet. A great success for the writers and the young performers.

Very lovely ball on the 7 March at the home of M. and Mme Charles Porgès.

Mme W. Séligman held a most brilliant musical evening on the 9 March with contributions from Mme de Serre (Montigny-Remaury) and Mme Gramaccini.

The wedding of Mlle Sée, daughter of General Sée, Grand Officer of the Légion d'honneur, and Mme Sée, to M. Léon Dreyfus, was celebrated on the 12 March at the synagogue on the rue de la Victoire.

Most interesting morning musical performance on the 16 March at the home of Mme Georges Halphen. Saza la Baigneuse, solo with choir by M. Fernand Halphen, met with enthusiastic and fully merited success.

Le Mensuel no 6, March 1891.

A ball for the young ladies at the home of Mme Philippi, Easter Monday. The dancing was led by Mlle Jean Philippi and M. A. Meyer-May.

Most brilliant musical evening, 2nd April, at the home of Mme Moore. On the programme Mme Melba, Monsieurs Vergnet, Plançon, Taffanel, Cassella, Coquelin father and son.

The marriage between M. Camile Bellaigue, theatre and music critic for La Revue des Deux Mondes and Mlle Hoskier, was celebrated on the 4th April at Saint-Augustin.

Very beautiful gathering on the 5th April at the home of the Maréchale Serrano, Duchesse de La Torre. Mme Duparc with her light songs, Le Photographe by Mme Magnier and Mme Lavigne, and Neapolitan guitar players.

At the home of the Vicomtesse de Trédern, on th 7th April, the first act of Lohengrin and the love duet from the third act were performed. The interpretation was excellent. Mme de Trédern played Elsa; Mme Kinnen, Ortrude; Monsieurs Engel, Lohengrin; Plançon, the king; Comte de Gramedo, Frédéric, and Quesnel, the herald. M. Gabriel Marie conducted the orchestra.

Most interesting theatrical evening, on 8th April, at the home of Mme Robert de Wendel. In the programme, Jean-Marie, by André Theuriet, Histoire du vieux temps, by Guy de Maupassant, performed by artists from the Odéon.

The marriage of Mlle Jeanne Carraby to Vicomte Richard de Dampierre was celebrated on 9th April at Saint-Augustin.

There was dancing, on 12th April, at the home of Mme Louis Grunebaum. Splendid supper and superb cotillion.

On 12th April, at the home of Mme Gustave de Rothschild, a most successful party.

Most jolly young ladies' ball, on 15th April, at the home of Mme H. Sultzbach.

On 20th April, at the home of Mme Georges Halphen, a most interesting musical matinée, unfortunately the last of the season.

Very beautiful ball, 21st April, at the home of M. and Mme Paul Fould.

Brilliant musical evening at the home of M. and Mme Vlatso on 21st April. On the programme Rose Caron and Paderewsky.

Grand ball on 25th April at the home of Mme W. Séligman. A magnificent cotillion.

Pauvre Pierrot! pantomime in two scenes by M. Marcel Guérin, music by M. André Frijan, was performed, 29th April, at the home of M. and Mme Edmond Guérin. The writers and the young performers achieved great success, and truly deserved.

Most brilliant reception, 30th April, at the home of M. and Mme Édouard Hervé.

Le Mensuel no 7, April 1891.

Most brilliant reception, on the 8th May, at the home of the Duchesse de Bellune on the occasion of the signing of the marriage contract between her daughter Mlle Berthe de Bellune and M. Fernand Werry de Hults.

Very lively young ladies' ball, on the 10th May, at the home of the Comtesse the Barthélemy.

A theatrical evening at the home of Mme Guillaume de Beer on the 10th May. Great successes for Mmes Reichenberg, Bartet and Marsy and M. Coquelin junior who performed Mont-Ida, the amusing play by the Marquis de Massa.

The second and third acts of The Valkyrie were performed on the 12th and 14th May at the home of Mme Hellman. A dazzling success for the performers: Mme Hellman, Brünnhilde; Mme Boidain-Puissais, Sieglinde; M. Bagès, Siegmund; M. Dôme, Votan; and M. Damad, Hunding.

A most successful evening of music and dance on 17th May at the home of Mme Régnier. Mmes B., E., and S. sang to perfection D'un coeur qui t'aime from Athalie by Mendelssohn, and Mlles de Montagnac and Blanchard were enthusiastically applauded on piano. M. Galipaux from the Vaudeville then recited some most entertaining monologues.

Very lovely young ladies' ball, 18th May, at the home of the Marquise Talhouët in honour of her grand-daughter Mlle Madeleine de Juigné.

Brilliant evening party at the home of M. Gaston Berardi on the 20th May. In the programme, for the musical section Mme Nuovina, Monsieurs Paderewsky, Bouvet, Delmas; for the dramatic section, Monsieurs Constant and Jean Coquelin, Mmes Réjane, Théo and Lavigne.

Mme Vicomtesse de Janzé, née de Choiseul-Gouffier, gave, on the 23rd May, an evening party on the occasion of the most interesting Étude sur Alfred de Musset which she has just had published. M. Mounet-Sully recited some verses from the poet.

Grand ball, on the 23rd May, at the home of the Duchesse de Pomar.

Most successful morning dance party at the home of Mme Jules Guichard on the 24th May. With a splendid supper.

The marriage of the Marquis de Luppé and Mlle Broglie was celebrated, on the 25th May, at the church of Saint-Philippe-du-Roule.

Grand costume ball on the 26th May at the home of the Princesse de Léon.

Very beautiful ball on the 30th may at the home of Mme Édouarde Hervé. A cotillion such as I have never seen.

Le Mensuel no 8, May 1891.

Most brilliant of evening parties on the 3rd June at the home of M. L. Delamarre. After an Impromptu by Vicomte d'Etchegoyen and spoken by M. de Féraudy, artists from the Comédie-Française performed Le Devin du village and La Gageure imprévue, in a delightful staging, an exact reproduction of a drawing-room in the château de Fontainebleau, with furniture and fittings of the period.

Very beautiful musical evening on the 4th June at the home of Mme Pulitzer, with the co-operation of Mmes Krauss and Ferrari, and Monsieurs Faure and Delsart, with the choirs from the Conservatoire conducted by M. Masson.

Grand matinée on the 6th June at the home of the Marquise de Vibraye, for the signing of the marriage contract between her grand-daughter Mlle de Maleissye and the Marquis de La Ferté-Sénectère.

Very lively dancing parties on the 6th and 20th June at the home of Mme Villard.

On the 8th June at the Cercle de l'Union artistique, Floréal, revue in two acts. Great successes for Mmes Reichenberg, Amel, du Minil, Ludwig, Rosita Maury etc.

Brilliant reception on the 9th June at the home of Mme Beulé. In the programme: Mlle Suzanne Reichenberg, Mme Conneau, Mlle Martini, Mme Roger-Miclos and Monsieurs Taffanel, Gilbert and David.

Very select garden party on the 11th June at the home of the Duc de Massa, the château de Franconville. 

Majestic dinner followed by a party on the 18th June at the home of the Duchesse de Nouailles.

Beautiful costume ball on the 22nd June at the home of the Princesse de Sagan.

Matinée and dance held on the 25th June at the Châlet des Iles, in the Bois de Boulogne, by Mme Madeleine Lemaire.

A most splendid rustic fair on the 28th at the home of M. and Mme Tavernier, the château de Vermont. Various entertainments, wooden horses, archery, illuminations, supper at little tables set up in the grounds and theatrical performance: Musset's On ne saurait penser à tout. Resounding success, and much deserved, for the young performers, Monsieurs Cogniet, Delestre, Royer, Mlles Delestre and Tavernier.

Le Mensuel no 9, June 1891.

The wedding of Comte Louis de Périgord with Mlle de Rohan-Chabot was celebrated on the 1st July at Saint-François-Xavier.

The wedding of Prince Ferdinand de Faucigny-Lucinge with Mlle Raphaël Cahen d'Anvers was celebrated on the 11th July at Saint-Pierre du Gros-Caillou.

The wedding of M. Maurice Barrès with Mlle Conche was celebrated on the 11th July at Saint-Séverin.

The wedding of M. Augustin Bourget with Mlle Pailleron was celebrated on the 28th July at Sainte-Clotilde.

Le Mensuel no 10, July 1891.

Possibly written by Proust, but difficult to be certain. La Vie Mondaine in Le Mensuel no 2, November 1890 is signed
Étoile filant (almost certainly an alias of Proust's). These subsequent pieces are unsigned.

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