Sentiments filiaux d'un parricide manuscript

   [...] I do not know what 1907 is holding in store for me or if I have anything to "hope for". But for him the response came very quickly. The first month of 1907 had not been seen out before he was to discover the gift that the as yet mysterious new year was to bring him and in which he had placed an uncertain and melancholy hope. It had brought him a dagger, a revolver and this sudden blindfold over his thoughts, so that without seeing her he could kill his mother! this worthy son.
   Without doubt then, once that Ajax-like fit had left him, he perceived the reality. That morning, upon my awakening, I reproached myself for not having replied to his letter that was so full of wisdom, of goodness, of enthusiasm... And opening the Figaro while someone had gone to find me pen and paper to write to him, I read... [...]

From a three page manuscript. Auction of the possessions of Jacques Guérin, Hôtel Drouot, 24 November 1986, lot 149. Extract from the sales catalogue reprinted in Bulletin d'informations proustiennes, no. 18, 1987, p. 102.


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