A Reading by Montesquiou

   A particularly interesting reunion, yesterday, at the house of M. Marcel Proust, whose select number were given the surprise of listening to a wonderful reading that Count Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac was kind enough to give, consisting of excerpts from his new book: Professionelles BeautÚs.
   The presence among the restrained, comprehensive and select audience of several personalities who found themselves ingeniously and benevolently depicted in these beautiful pages, made the readings still more stimulating. And the listeners could not stop themselves from lavishing upon Count Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac their bravos and their praise, to such an extent that M. Marcel Proust thanked him warmly for the rare and precious happiness that he was kind enough to provide.

The New York Herald, Paris, 3 June 1905, unsigned but written by Proust.

   Yesterday at the house of M. Marcel Proust, great literary success for Count Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac who had come there unexpectedly to give a reading comprising selections from his latest work and some unpublished studies on art.

Le Gaulois, 4 June 1905, unsigned.

   Letter to Robert de Montesquiou, 4 June 1905: "This morning, under the heading Charity (?), I saw in Le Gaulois an extremely precise note that I had sent them not only reduced to two lines, but even to two lines that I hadn't written. In it there was an "unexpectedly" that I fear you would not find worthy of serving for "very intimate". If you had the time to look upon these things for a moment, I would beg you to read the one in the New York Herald which will show you something very different from "very intimate" and show how sensible I am of the honour given me."

   Letter to Robert de Montesquiou, 6 or 7 June 1905: "Enclosed the note from the New York Herald, the only "readornment" of my "signature". As for the rest we have got "very select but yet very intimate". I have nothing more to wish from anybody."


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