Proposed publication schedule

  To appear in 1919 A la Recherche du Temps Perdu

3rd Volume: Le Côté de Guermantes
(Names of persons: the Duchesse de Guermantes. Saint-Loup at Doncières. Mme de Villeparis' salon. Death of my grandmother. Albertine reappears. Dinner with the Duchesse de Guermantes. The wit of the Guermantes'. M. de Charlus continues to disconcert me. The Duchesse's red shoes.)

4th Volume: Sodome et Gommorhe (1)
(Sudden revelation of what M. de Charlus really is. Soirée at the Princesse de Guermantes'. Second stay at Balbec: Intermittences of the heart I. I finally become conscious that I have lost my grandmother. M. de Charlus at the Verdurin's and in the little railway. Intermittences of the heart II: Why I suddenly leave Balbec, with the intention to marry Albertine.

5th and final Volume: Sodome et Gommorhe (2). - . Le Temps retrouvé.
(Living together with Albertine. The Verdurins quarrel with M. de Charlus. Albertine's disappearance. Sorrow and forgetting. Mlle de Forcheville. Exception to the rule: stay in Venice. A new aspect of Robert de Saint-Loup. M. de Charlus during the war: his opinions, his pleasures. - . Matinée at the Princesse de Guermantes'. Perpetual adoration. Time found again.

Proust's plan for proposed publication of the rest of A la Recherche du Temps Perdu written on a flyleaf of À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs, 1919. Christie's Livres rares et manuscrits 28 November 2017, Lot 495.


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