[Author's note]

   Compare also (Autels privilégiés, p. 265 and 266): "The two sashes of red cashmere from the Indies, of that deep geranium red that Moreau was so fond of, are also those beloved of Ingres who draped them around Mmes Rivière and Devançay, and which Prud'hon coiled around his Joséphine. The dresses are of a soft striped gauze (a barege perhaps) of glowing cotton that at the time of Louis XIV was called 'hair coloured' and which Marie-Antoinette's hairstyle then took on to establish the styling of the Queen's hair. It is a sort of diaphanous amadou. A mournful bracelet is plaited into a twist of an equal to that that crowns Gustave Moreau's weeping Orphée."