Procès-verbal to Jean Lorrain

   Further to an article by Raitif de la Bretonne (Jean Lorrain), recently published in Le Journal, M. Marcel Proust, considering himself to have been insulted, has directed his seconds, M. Gustave de Borda and M. Jean Béraud, to the author.
   M. Jean Lorrain has entrusted his friends M. Octave Uzanne and M. Paul Adam with his interests.
   The seconds convened at the home of M. Jean Béraud and, after having discussed all opportunities for reconciliation without reaching a satisfactory agreement, a duel was deemed necessary.
   The chosen weapons are shooting-gallery pistols. Two shots will be exchanged: the distance to be twenty five paces and the duel to take place at a location to be advised.
   For M. Marcel Proust: Gustave de Borda, Jean Béraud.
   For M. Jean Lorrain: Octave Uzanne, Paul Adam.

Printed in Le Journal, 7 Feb 1897. Document reproduced in Proust, William Sansom, p. 61.

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