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   La Bible d'Amiens, by John Ruskin, translation, notes and preface by Marcel Proust, 1 vol. in-18, 3fr 50. - Société du Mercure de France, 26 rue de Condé, Paris.

  The publication in French of one of the most admirable books, as well as one of the most remarkable, by John Ruskin, is a real literary event: La Bible d'Amiens has just been become available under the Mercue de France imprint. There is no doubt that the great trigger of the human imagination that was Ruskin will, through these pages, annotated with the benefit of our own natural history, produce a still more stimulating reaction on this side of the Channel since it concerns one of the masterpieces of our own architecture,  a cathedral not two hours distance from Paris, which it describes for us here in such extraordinary and magnificent poetry. A young writer whose volume of short stories and verse, Les Plaisirs et les Jours, has placed him at the very highest rank, M. Marcel Proust has reverently devoted himself to the complete restitution of this English masterpiece. He has preceded his translation with a long essay which will take its place as a capital piece of philosophy in its own right. And at the foot of every page of the translation, comparisons that he draws between the text of La Bible d'Amiens and other works by Ruskin, form the notes for this volume, a select collection as it were chosen from the most beautiful pieces from the entire works of Ruskin, and which provide for the reader a most complete and magnificent insight.

Single page "press kit", included with the first printings of La Bible d'Amiens, intended for the use of journalists to publicize the book. It is unclear whether Proust had a hand in writing this or not.

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