Marcel Proust, A Biography, Jean-Yves Tadié: "An important discovery, which we owe to M. Troulay, has shown that from November 1890 until September 1891 Marcel was actively involved in editing a magazine [...] called Le Mensuel."
   "Yet the 'Social Life' column, coupled with a fashion column from issue 2 onwards, is signed 'Shooting Star'. The attention given to certain details which are to be found in Du côté de chez Swann lead us to believe this is a pseudonym of Marcel's."
   "It was with Réjane's 'comb made of tortoiseshell' at the Variétés that 'Shooting Star' made his first appearance, in November 1890, in Le Mensuel."
   "Furthermore, the 'Social Life' column, which refers with increasing regularity as the year wears on to members of the aristocracy, reveals Marcel's upward social mobility and his interest in the musical salons: one notes the costume ball at the Princesse de Sagan's on June 22, and the matinée dansante at the Chalet des Îles in the Bois de Boulogne, given by Madeleine Lemaire on June 25 (Mme Verdurin would also entertain here)."

   So far only one 'Social Life' column has been published, in Le Mensuel retrouvé, Jérôme Prieur, Éditions des Busclats 2012. There are only two known full collections of Le Mensuel, one in a private collection, the other in the B.N.F..


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