Acknowledgement for Marie Nordlinger

   In reality Sesame... Of Kings' Treasuries. First lecture of a collection entitled Sesame and Lilies, a translation of which is shortly to appear, published by Mercure de France. At the same time as giving here the essential parts of this first lecture I am anxious to express my gratitude publicly to Mlle Marie Nordlinger, the eminent English artist who on more than one occasion has laid aside the masterpiece she has begun work on, "The Funerary Urn" or "The Plate of Apples", and has come to clarify with me some obscure meaning, to add precision to some irresolute interpretation. Since her modesty forbids her to accept the title of collaborator for this translation, I place her at least under this gracious invocation.

NAF 16622, 5v mansucript fragment. Printed with minimal variations as Note du Traducteur, for his translation of Sésame et les lys published in Les Arts de la Vie, 15 March 1905.


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Created 19.07.19