Publicity notice for Louisa de Mornand

     [...] Mlle de Morand is completely exquisite in beauty and spirit in the very delicately played role of a cunning Parisienne who gets her hands on a kindly Provincial fool; [...]

   Le Figaro, 9 May 1908.

   Kolb-Proust: "At the request of d'Albufera Proust had Louisa de Mornand's praises included in Le Figaro; she was playing a part at the Vaudeville in Le Mariage d'├ętoile, a comedy by A. Bisson and G. Thurner. Source: letter to Louis d'Albufera, Corr VIII, n. 58 (13 or 14 May 1908)."

   This is the only mention of Louisa de Mornand in a long review of Le Mariage d'├ętoile - possibly at Proust's request?


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