As in the bright courtyard of an exquisite monastery

Your charm is a courtyard of a pretty monastery
The sky is the blue of the sea between white trefoils
It is good to spend warm sleepy days there
Beneath a slender column, drink in the freshness and be silent.

Tomorrow, as well I know, left alone
Distractedly shall I walk towards the disquieting palaces
But today your charm is my companion: the lingering
Glances of your mauve eye are everything for me on earth

Your brow does not imprison in its slim whiteness
The boundless shadow from whence will burst forth light
Yet I love you strangely, oh dear face.

When my heart no longer pounds at your clear laughter
I will blush once again perhaps at the sweetness
That would have been to remain nestled within your heart

As in the bright courtyard of an exquisite monastery.



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