Poem for Laure Hayman

[10 May 1889]

Beneath the shadows where lilac weeps
Consoled by furtive sunshine
By a brook laureled in a halo
   Behold Laure!

Queen of tresses like the sun
The splendour of stars gilds you
And pearls from Baltimore
And your blood of like sunsets

Neck as slender as a Moorish column
Pale breasts graced by a rose
Hatching in its snow, to the sun
Sumptuous and rosy address
   Of Laure!

Indeed the Eros that colours you
Is a huntsman without equal
Who in this world of sleep
Pursues us. I will be dead upon wakefulness.

My glorious spirit will no more see the dawn
But a god has sent you; killer of men, I adore you!
I have woven you this diadem: that it may laurel you,


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