To Daniel Halévy

[Sunday 13 May 1888]

To Daniel Halévy, while watching him during the first quarter hour of detention.

Softened, the sun drips golden tears
Beneath the stillness of the venerable sleeping spruce
Softened, the sun strews patches of whiteness
At the feet of old spruces ravished with periwinkles.

Softened the sun cools its opals
On the lustre of lakes haloed by pale mists
Morbid dream! ... Oh, cruel King, young killer
Father oppressed by heavy sleep of toil.

Since the Eternity of Dream you torment
Muscular men, charming virgins
And you put the sting of Evil into their emptiness
You weary of light oh much oppressed King
And I feel myself irritated slowly and painfully
At the splendours of the sun and the indolence of the ilex
Sleeping in the shade of the oppressive sun, at noon.

Since I am fettered by the bad Dream
To your execrable Palace.
For life Oh Sun. At least I curse you
And every day I want to drain your blood, your death
I curse in the name of pale sleep-walkers
Thirsting for metallic dawns
Who disappointed in their heroic and troubling dream
Curse you, oh cruel King, fierce and white
And dream of fresh blueness of nights
Near mystical cats..............

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