Le Côté de Guermantes manuscript fragment

   However I saw the concierge watching them with a suspicious expression. But all of a sudden it occurred to me how often in our lives we have occasion to change our opinion about people. I also thought to myself that often for a very long time we are ignorant of what it is that produces the most easily observable phenomena, the causes remain poorly understood for many years, that until the XVIIth century it was long thought that it was the horror of a vacuum that was the cause of its substitution with atmospheric pressure, and I asked myself whether it was really the "lodge keeper's gossip" and the spitefulness of the concierge that was the explanation for the difficult life of the Duc de Guermantes' servants, and their abrupt mutations. - I went back upstairs and found my grandmother even more unwell. Without knowing too much [...]

Manuscript fragment of Le Côté de Guermantes, very different from the final version.


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