Letter to a friend

[c. 1913]

   Dear friend,

   I took the liberty of having you telephoned... It seems that someone has suggested you will be at Madame St Marceaux's.1 If by chance you are passing my house this evening between half past nine and half past midnight (102 Boulevard Haussmann, second floor with no mezzanine (two floors in all), it will be most valuable to me before sending my letter in connection with my book if I can consult with you about the terms. I am telling you what this is about so that you don't think it is about some matter of honour, or some urgent service. But if you are free I won't keep you more than three minutes, and that will be useful to me. If you are not going to go it is of no importance.
   Your devoted

   Marcel Proust.

1. Madame de Sainte-Marceaux held a musical salon at 100 Boulevard Malesherbes.


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