Letter to Jean Folie-Desjardin

Paris 6 April 1922

   Dear Sir,

   I could not be more embarrassed by the wonderful article in which you have been able to understand me so well, and I will not say, in the words of Goethe, to equal me but to surpass me. I am equally embarrassed not to be writing to you myself, but I am gravely ill.
   The sole expression of my gratitude is this dictation to a machine, too impersonal for my liking, but necessary however in order to tell you, in my current state of illness and suffering, how sensible I have been of a sympathy for which I beg you to find here the most sincere reciprocation.

   Marcel Proust.

Typewritten letter, signed by Proust. Jean Folie-Desjardin had just published in L'Ephémère a pastiche of Du Côté de chez Swann.


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