In Society

   - Yesterday, most literary and elegant dinner-party at the home of M. Marcel Proust, that assembled his numerous friends together for the first time.

   Among the guests:
   Monsieurs Anatole France, Comte Louis de Turenne, Comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac, de La Gandera, Jean BĂ©raud, G. de Borda, Reynaldo Hahn, etc.

   The Marquis de Castellane, who was unable to refuse, came, but left immediately after the dinner, to repair to his cousin's, the Prince de Sagan.
   The celebrated Doctor Proust, father of M. Marcel Proust, kept in the background, leaving to his son the care of doing the honours at the excellent dinner, during the course of which the most Parisian wit never ceased to sparkle.

Le Gaulois, Tuesday 25 May 1897.

P. Kolb: "Le Gaulois gives this account that must have been written by Proust himself.


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