Notes for Contre Sainte-Beuve

You will say about St Simon that he doesn't go too far, Lucretius for whose works Voltaire had little admiration, if you are a Virgil people will find you effeminate, if you are a Horace (Vernet article)

He finds Vernet marvellous and Henry IV (Vernet p.99) and Flaubert Stendahl [sic] etc. bad. Word on Léon Blum trenchant and uncertain and masterpiece of the type. As for me. Get out!

When one puts oneself in the place of a man whose writings one admires. And a writer who has a literary goal. Mistaken in the admiration for the passage by Taine about the Pyrénées.

To love Molière (book on Vernet). Verification by the Enemies (article on Chateaubriand and his method). France, France end of the article about Vernet. All this means that writers are touchstones, performances. Critical pannings (one by Barthélémy on La Rochefoucauld must it be taken down to the dregs and the lees, M. de Pongerville on Lucretius, Gustave Planche on Vernet, Pontmartin, the critic of Collé.

Sunbeam. A share under the sunbeam. M. Cousin attributed a sunbeam to the business p 375 La Rochefoucauld article Directs a sunbeam on them (talking about Chateaubriand on Joubert). Reread the whole article on Chateaubriand (ear that one longs to pinch, but the weather is fine, the sun is shining, go to Spa.

moment of sunshine in the article on Pontmartin, elderly people that one greets from a distance, the first swallow, the last Valmore, to those men of antiquity, crossed, wise in example, waiting on the meadow.

Praises in "their first annotation"
It's an emblem.
The old world in its entirety without any ceremony (article on Goethe and Eckermann. In the same article the amiable and kindly Gérard de Nerval, and what he says about Prince de Polignac's translation. Aoste[?]. Fluttering heart
Gérard de Nerval who was like the commercial traveller from Paris to Munich (IV, 454)
for Victor Hugo those memories that had set him on such a grandiose course. An epicurean Chateaubriand in the Catholic imagination, the Intelligence of Species.
There is no reason to ring all the bells in Paris (La Bruyère)
One could not foretell what one did not know (La Bruyère)
All of this starts from our times (La Bruyère)
Little else but a translation, edition etc. (Pongerville, From our today Pongerville does not come into it). Barthélémy, Fournier

François I would only have a few verses written on glass
Somebody else would only have a temple wall (?)

Oratorical unpleasantness by (Villemain I have every right to say

Noailles and Broglie
Marcel Sablé and Graby[?] Dubois
Ending of Sylvie operatic choir. Studies

Balzac's success is owed to those he flatters towns when he talks about them (Tours, Douai etc.) and ugly women, unfortunate deformities etc., and that he is immoral, a doctor who exposes etc. From a greater distance he only had an hour in fashion, coarse bully etc.
In article on Balzac and fabulous and unjustifiable circumstances of a novel. And still in the end quite recent.
Regret that he didn't have Louis XIV there "M. de Despréaux has more taste than me"
Kindred camp etc. master of the camp

In our times all urgency, divulging itself etc. (Chateaubriand article PC I,1)
Idem on Marie Antoinnette, Catinat, Mme Roland.
On M. Taine: we want to bow
On Salambô (?) Mme Bovary "who passed summer-house tall and provocative".
murmuring and obscure
Scent of orange-tree Chateaubriand PC I, and Chateaubriand's sister
Balzac mixed with Eugène Sue and Soulier, Baudelaire with Monselet; Feydeau differentiated from Flaubert.

On Béranger "articles written about the living, constrained by affection, but after death so many errors, people that were unknown who translate badly. Regrets that Valincourt left nothing about Racine"
PC I p. 88 oh sage! oh poet! "sought the homily on the consciousness and custom of the Muse"
p 101 It was like an over volatile bubble, the pulse of the vein
Very nice "she is a hundred leagues distant, at the end of the world, in the sky it matters not she must return in the nick of time and come on time." But following on "It is an inconvenience, a constraint no doubt, a ring of the bell or a pull at the rope that checks flight, jerks it and harries it.
Very nice anecdote about Victor Hugo seeing Chateaubriand in Luxembourg.
Letters to Béranger. Everything to Bucharest that it is
Announces to him a beautiful "poetic season".
Quotation of Volupté about second souls.

Article by on Senancourt [sic] We live in a time of casting the net daily

"We felt insinuation and desire in his words

Always justifications, desertions after death.
Ill feeling against the critic who says "you heard the master after article on Chateaubriand

Advantage over Janin who was not present at the reading of the Memoirs.
High sea


From NAF 16636 Reproduced in Bulletin d'informations proustiennes no 29, 1998, p. 21-30 Deux pages oubliées des éditeurs du Contre Sainte-Beuve, Bernard Brun.

M. de Régnier (article about Chateabriand)
same volume
Ste Beuve at Paris (. Pontmartin)
And in this regard Ste Beuve thinks that one is oneself first (p. 25)
no we open ourselves up gradually

Old people from one shore to  the other
artificial pleasure to see others.
pretty girls[?], working girls[?]. Young girl at the end of an appendix[?]

Uncertain when he praises
frank when he finds fault
these amiable brothers
illustrious godmother.
not in flight, double quick
last page of Vernet

and who have succeeded
"You hear me clearly Monsieur the gentleman of Comtat"
- swim in a strong current. Beginning of Goncourts (Baudelaire. and gold rings.
Very nice: Thus Chateaubriand[?] that last Valmore in the resentment of his young loves

twice double quick
Old age bad Chateaubriand article; Catinat
Wasting his time getting aquainted with men.
We change quickly: Idolatry in the Preface of The Bible of Amiens, quite the contrary now, and article about Reading.

There is little consistency in his society notes

Yes it is pleasant to mention Mendelsohn who understood just as much as you
and Musset admired Horace Vernet but that makes that set of judgements insignificant

Absurdity in his judgements about art to which he applies his usual reasons:
Raphael Michelangelo, Chenavard, etc. Page 125 on Vernet why has Murillo not created admirable Virgins.

Very Baignères in style, that admirable Delescluze (not that)

This method consists of. Stendahl Error
The people who we knew poets.
In reality poetry is something secret. Ste Beuve did not understand that. From the start of the salons.
Later on Lundis better more society, women but still exterior: method salons,
Louis XIV, politics, and no posterity, beautiful poetic season that year, those who follow us.
Bad writer because of that.
Let's come once more before the intelligence.


From NAF 16636 Reproduced in Bulletin d'informations proustiennes no 30, 1999, p. 9 -17 Une autre page oubliée des papiers Contre Sainte-Beuve, Bernard Brun.


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