The Love of one's country

   The love of places a land like the love for persons
   The love of one's country like the love for persons nourishes itself on phot images relics and photographs. To have before one's eyes the beloved features, places of the place and or of the woman of the woman or of the place that have gone that we cannot clasp to our heart Because places have By offer keeping before our eyes the beloved features of the beach of the horiz or of the woman who has gone or of the horizon of the sky that are no longer there in which the mood changes variable and faithful trouble the face and the look are at that moment illuminated or veiled, without our being able to perceive it but not without us being able to imagine it, by a faithful and variable mood, which remains itself but which is alive, portraits nourish our tenderness with everything that they do not appear to give, of that life, of perpetually changing beauty, of those endless renewals of our love that an image the image gives us, less inexact for being the image not of single time rather of being so for an eternity, and that it stirs us to seek more passionately. Give me the material and I will make of it the life. Those glorious cheeks and I will make them blush, sparkle, cool dissolve and come back silkily blonde silky and blonde like hair, relishingly raw like blood melting into blonde silk silky gloss like the hair, congealing in coolness like blood, until irresistibly tempting the lips, healthiness in which the lively animation of an excursion blends into the sweetness calm of recent sleep, kept on the bloom of the flesh like the sweetness of still fresh honey. I shall cause those eyes to laugh that she makes golden, shi sparkle make glisten her mouth, caress her voice. Or I shall cause her heart's blood to ebb, and I shall hold her for a moment all white, with her extinguished eyes that will no longer move, her  silence and the melancholy inflexion of her silence.

Quelques manuscrits "Lefebvre" conservés à l'université de l'Illinois, Chris Taylor, Bulletin d'informations proustiennes, 53, 2023


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Created 16.11.23