Carnet 4


Francis Dubanton 58 rue Stephenson


31st Héricy. S and M.

clearly you have a place there
believe that
S Charlus bringing the pianist to Fay's attention and becoming acquainted with a member type as the lover of Albert's mistess with the professor from Boston.
Poor Madame she only followed her own heart
she was hard to look after.

bluffer, pickpocket, ingenuity, bachelor pad
vexed, mortified
I greatly esteem M. de Borniche
I went to bed I fell asleep holding to my grief crushed crushed against my heart like an urn filled with tears that I did not shed, and when I awoke I found it in the same heavy place, crushed like against my heart.

Étienne Blanc

Émile Agostinelli 22 rue St Ursule Toulouse

he's an intelligent man, a good literary man (Doyen)

Coulomb poste restante central office.

For M. de Guermantes:
I'm going to distil this treat
He's a good apostle

For the valet who is chatting with Françoise: absoutely!
I didn't dare press.

for music ->

For Mme de Cambremer I pour scorn on

-> habitual phrases
habitual harmonies with Franck semi deities that haunt his of lesser grandeur who are his familiars, his nymphs and his sylvans that we recognize.

M. de Guermantes
It's a treat that I'm going to distil

your call You're making a dead loss there
I've got old David.

She was born d'Outremeuse
That, a Donatello not in a million years!
For Brichot

The music we The variety, the difference, that we vainly seek in love, in travel, is offered to us by music.
The works from that last period of Vinteuil's life are similar to each other. In nearly all of them we feel not slow in ascending float those melodi a mel certain particular melodic atmosphere like certain places have in certain countries the mists particular to certain regions
S[c]humann's phrase in the Vienna Carnival (intermezzo I think) beautiful st sweet stranger that so many evenings I saw pass and pass again without ever seeing its face that I could never examine other than through its mask of notes but so endearing that it brought me something new that I never found in women.
or rather for Vinteuil
it was a carnival, a kind of nocturne but the true mask, the true curtain of shadows it was that like in the morning that shifting density of little notes in accompaniment behind which so may evenings I saw pass and pass again an endea a phrase whose face I had never seen been able to make out, but so endearing that it so different from anything I had ever seen known or desired, that it was truly onl the only stranger I had ever known encountered and when it addressed me through the mask of its sounds, its voice of such sweetness, I have it now once more before my eyes filled with tears as before the offering of the only perfume that would have been worth the trouble of possessing.

M. de Guermantes
"he told you coldly"
at any moment he will say
"what an animal"
"Make Come on make me laugh"
"mad as a dog, a mad dog"
"But you are from the Faubourg St Germain, come along my dear chap you are, don't say anything more, you are" (or else to be an artist) and Mme Verdurin will tell him "I told you you were, now don't say anything more."
"You have some good in you"
"You have some stiffness in you."
I see clearly the things in my mind, up to the horizon. But they are those those alone that are from the other side of the horizon, I set out to describe them. Guermantes
"without officially taking into regard the office of the intellect."
"That noise runs through the alleys" yet he said
"This article is very fine: it has that most just phrase: he has done it quite simply, the French way!"

Train 21 at 7.30

Françoise: in good time
Mme: in spite of good sense
great huntsman before the eternal
a I hope to find a good solution
it is done in spite of good sense
Brichot or Norpois
Wh What is there to say?
And "I know not what patriotism jingoism that has any patriotism other than the name of course"

Comte de Reversac

The Marquis de Vauclair (Vallis Clara Clairvaux)
The Marquis d'Honnecourt

For the people (like Bidou who write in 17th century style) he has composed composed some good verses novels whose primary merit is to be of no interest to anybody (to say that there are no keys, no personalities)

Very important for Mme de Guermantes or for Albertine or for St Loup. During those first two weeks the absence of letters was grievous to me. But it was harmless because every evening if I spent the whole night reciting to myself the one I was about to receive, I put into it all the tenderness I could wish for all the certainty I had so that if she did not send me a single one however much I had need of one I received one every evening. They only ceased with the need I had of them.
Who knows perhaps she has hidden talents, she perhaps she is very amorous, Sainted Albert.


They are all in the same boat.


Very important for St Loup
In the end he received the letter that of recon he received from his mistress a letter of reconciliation. That letter I believe he had actually been imagining for a fortnight three weeks ten or twelve thousand times, much more than a thousand t a much even thousands of times hundreds of thousands of times. Because at every There was not a single moment in which he had not asked himself if it had not come. This idea of their rupture and of a possible reconciliation was something in him [illegible] as frequent as his respiration in which the beating of the pulse or the rhythm of respi Because there are painful ideas like those that are attached to our physical life and are such although they differ only because we are conscious of them. Besides our physical life does it too not become conscious as soon as it is painful? Cert This idea of a rupture with his mistress, of the possibility of the hope of a letter, of the possibility of a reconciliation had been as frequent in him as resp the motions of respiration or the beatings of the pulse. Because there are ideas that are attached to our physical life and only differ in that they are conscious Because this id the idea the memory the thought of a rupture with his mistress, of the uncertainty of a reconciliation, if she this idea if it was reconciled was a thought an idea in fact and as such reconciled itself with the world of thoughts in that it was conscious, on the other hand by what it had its character of perpetual presence scarcely interrupted by a sort of rhythm, by the prodigious number of times that it presented itself to him St Loup in a single day, occupied rather it occupied rather the corporeal, organic life; it had the frequency and untiring renewal of the movements of respiration or the beatings of the heart. In the end this letter that he had pictured to himself like this at every moment eventually came; for the first time it was not followed by some agitation anxious uncertainty that doubt that gripped St Loup every time he had simply imagined it, of knowing, this letter, if it would ever come; such an anxious doubt that it had obliged St Loup every time to interrupt his thoughts for a second and which determined perhaps that this idea of a possible reconciliation had rather been a thousand hundred thousand times abandoned by him and renewed as consta immobile in him. Thus it was suffering that that it made him feel that had supplied its rhythm, just as it had no doubt delivered its cons yielded up it consciousness to him. Because it was indeed for him one of those vital and profound sensations that we notice only when they become painful.

a certain lobster pilaf

you wish to "launch" yourself into literature

Alexandre Semitchoff
Mme de Brémond.
Joseph Garnero.
J. Dumas

Blue chamber at the Brussels court.
princely families of the salon
Catafalque draped with the family coats of arms.
Tic-like phrases "But I tell you it's unheard of" (with force and pleasure at using the word).
I imitate the Swanns with a little grimace
(Croisset, it is not ageeable, it is not pleasant)
That has not been appreciated

When I leave for St Loup's to talk about Mme de Guermantes.
Physical proximity is not is nothing when it may remain ineffectual what I had to do was to to be able to manage somebody of those to be able to manage someb I wanted to reach Madame de Guermantes into the heart of that life that she was concealing from me, and in her thoughts, in the opinion she had of me, and as far as into that life that she concealed from me, with the intoxication of thinking that at her lunch she would talk about me. But the mechanisms that penetrate thus in the thoug further than the external covering of people can be managed of people - and the influence of St Loup was of that sort could be managed far
Physical proximity is not everything because from the loved person When we have we want to have an effect on the loved person, the proximity of place where we What did it matter if I might have passed close by her if she did not never thought about me, if I was nothing to her. When we want to have an effect on the person But When we want to have an effect on reach the loved person the proximity of the the mechanism has less im have an effect on the loved person, we are more attach more less importance to the depth of aiming for closeness to them than to reaching them profoundly. That Since my daily hesitant gaze that was dashed before the eyes of Madame de Guermantes, did they not deserve some a letter from someone she esteemed, and which would make her think about me, that in the very heart of that life that she concealed from me, while during an entire lunch she would talk only about me. And these mechanisms that penetrate thus (such was the influence of St Loup) that penetrate deeper than the external covering of people can be managed from a distance at a great from a great distance, like those luminous rays that from a distance of several kilometres separate the gunpowder at the bottom of a ship.


To be paid for the Villes de Paris
Nicholas 50 75 fr. the 1st 5th September
July 50 75 fr. the 1st 5th December October
50 75 fr. the 1st 5th January 75 the 15th April.
7 4625
Hotel Continental and d'Alsace

For M. de Guermantes
"to have surface"

for Françoise
"she looked like her Madame Octave more than a bit Madame"
"Madame Octave whose dear memory is ever present."
"If by some case you couldn't."
40 d'Artois
"You have to react against the habits of a lifetime which is as difficult as cutting down on your cigarettes"
"I only ask that you gain confidence in yourself and in your youthful destiny." "Confession was so ref nice today that I came out feeling all refreshed."
"I am working hard and I am writing to you on the same paper I'm working on so I can put the best of myself in it."
I am working but while thinking about you and I will have my reward tomorrow at 3 o'clock.
For Rachel at the brothel
She is in the press. Put Take those sheets and towels to for room 21.
Don't forget in the second volume and the third for Mlle Mlle de Silaria
F Françoise
because that
in errears


that must annoy you not at all

on the telephone when one begins to get used to it (in the third volume for example)
"It gives me great pleasure to hear your voice"
Mme de Guermantes of young Mme de Cambremer will say one notices who is on foot, who travels by motor car, who in a carriage, who on horseback.
M. de Guermantes
like a philistine
like a commoner
they have burned their boats
The innocence
It's their
The divine Picquart is their custard pie.

Porot 28 rue Washington

errors of speech:
how'r you
aren't you not in Paris now

M. de Guermantes
he raised his right hand.

Bloch: plastic beauty
I haven't had time to dig into your book,
you must have composed a great tome
say it dig into again at Mme de Villeparisis' or later on

The valet. Then the Germans will come and we will be literally hacked to pieces.

The only reason I do it is as though I was not there
I do it for the simple reason that it is what he expects.
Mass said for M. de Guermantes presided over by the archbishop of Paris assisted on the throne by his vicar generals.

For Mme de Guermantes she has taken from somebody (or else it could be Mme Swann)
It's a trifle.
I very much like that story
I (negro old cow)
I find that story ravishing.
I find that very droll (in the sense of "witty")
lying in ambush for
one has
chartreuse and benzine.
7 little dishes
then we will be 8
I could smell nothing but a camembert
spoken by Swann perhaps about M. Bontemps

Odette would have carried on the habit from the Verdurin circle of quoting words
For Cottard's game of cards: The honour goes to you
(even though it is quite beautiful and has an old look)

Raymond Clermont
17th Battalion of Infantry
12th Company

Balzac pastiche, one saw there the most impertinent of men, the most cruelly epigramatical wits from the epoch of Maxime de Trailles, the Marquis d'Ajuda Pinto the ->

Georges Grégoire 11th Squadron
23rd Gragoons Vincennes [not written by Proust]

-> Vandenesses
Mention quote Mme Firmiani

Mme de Cambremer
puppet shows
an abundance of
the bolt [?]

for the deputy through whom she hoped to reform her nephew grandson: with dismay "Ah! and scorn: "Ah! maybe he is patriotic? In that case it's the people he has nothing to do with. Ah! the They are worse than animals." Ah! this war Lord God may ->

Françoise when she is told that somebody is ill with a serious look like an expression of commiseration:
"There you see then!"

-> the Virgin mary spare us from it. She would be doing a glorious thing for us there (expression she she would use willingly if we had to pay her 300 francs a year) I don't know anything as stupid as the war."
Just as one must one can only lead the people by knowing their psychology and leading them by two or three very simple ideas (military politics that would be betrayed etc.) in the same way one could have no influence over Françoise other than by touching a chord etc. In the same way that a doctor In this way all she had confidence in a doctor only if he told her that the cause of her illness was that which her being upset and that she could eat everything anything she felt like taking could do her no harm but that she must never eat anything against her will, the same way in her relations with masters and servants the idea feeling that guided the world according to her was jealousy, jealousies. If she was in trouble with her masters it was because jealous people were behind it. If she was reproached for not making the fire "I know very well what sticks in Madame's throat, it's always some jealousies." If one said to her a honeycomb [?] of jealousies she was in raptures because the pain of learning that somebody  has done you a wrong is much less than the pleasure at seeing your opinion was correct but and she cried out that it confirmed her own opinions but if she had been told no such thing it made no difference because she was convinced that she had been told. (That would be for her like her strange politics being betrayed). She was honest that is to say she willingly and voluntarily served dubious enterprises for money (Albaret but "Your faithful Nicholas" (ironically)

have a hand in the till
everything is as before

When Bloch tells me he has had Mme Swann on a train I shall add: "Poor Swann had spent years reckoning according to the calculation of probabilities as to  whether she had had some just a flirtation with Forcheville, if the day on which he had knocked on her window she was in bed with him, if at all events their caresses that had perhaps never happened in the end had ever been renewed. So I see that had a clear idea that if whatever culpability of Odette's that he admitted was to reality like the possibility of conversing from one room to another the end of one room to another in the first experiments by Edison with the universal telephone network. In all probability there was not a town, not a neighbourhood of Paris not one day when she would not have given herself (end perhaps with the telephone)."

Mme de Guermantes^
because despite intelligence etc. it is everywhere even at the top snobbery will detest a duchess of the inverse kind and will say (Chevigné, Fénélon) Oh! I can't stand her she is a snob every summer she goes on into the mountains so as to meet princesses (fault of the other duchess that could be Mme de Cambremer).

M. de Charlus to St Loup you will be I shall have you inscribed on to the Bavarian nobility of princes and the rank of prince I shall have it confirmed and inscribed into the Bavarian nobility of princes. You will be Prince in Bavaria by 1915

^ quite suscepible to princesses but who concealed  this taste with humour and loathed it whenever she discovered it even if if it were concealed beneath erudition would say: yes it's Cambremer (very good) Mme de Guermantes has to say she is bored with learning but first and foremost she is a snob (something I detest she will say) and (Villeparisis visit for example) and then I need to say that Mme de Cambremer had been at St Moritz for her health where she had met the Princesse de Parme. (Briey, Brye connection with Mme de Rohan which irritates the other.. The Roths and Chevigné and Fénélon such different types results difficult to compare)

The faults are
It is extraordinary that fool she is dead without saying a word, you would have thought she was deaf and dumb.

The faults are
These are the young people of the family.
St Simon a little whiff of business.
about which the least I can say is that
Oh Capus
my gentle master
Anatole France
Bergotte comes to write
he has the smile
the French way
make a reply
I think it not
with this need for
My aunt demanded of the papers news of the battle with that need for activity in others that betrayed the imagination without which too motionless people at rest.
Capital in the first days when I get to know the girls Albertine to whom Andrée will come to speak will say to me. She's pretty isn't she. What do you not find her pretty but she is a hundred times better than me.
And she will also say to me Mlle de Silaria As far as I know she is a person of a very unpleasant sort but I don't know her.

M. de Norpois
with panache
rhyming even
Dear at a pinch
Mme Swann says dear when talking about Cottard
Doctor Cottard says dear Bergotte

for Cottard
it's a pretty little theeng, don't you know.

Mme Swann
It's rather nice

lift operator to have brought so much not to Monsieur
the newspapers not to Monsieur
Mme Camembert
Mme de Guermantes:
I say it seems to me that you had a rather frosty attitude.
M. de Norpois often says profound things beneath the caustic formula that is familiar to him.
a false rumour (café and false news)
if it is to be seen I have seen it
if there had been popes in Avignon that would have been known.

Françoise to have a few coppers

I must mention the boredom I experience at Mme Swann's teas in conversation etc. before I mention Swann's visits to the Beaulaincourts etc.
It is essential that I do not know (or at least it would be better) that in reality Swann is very stylish before M. de Charlus tells me so (and it is essential that he tells me)
I will speak to him about Swann. What, you knew Swann? But was Which "Did he know people in high society?"
"What? everybody, the most elegant persons, nobody had a finer position than him."
at Luxembourg

(Molière quoted in the 1st volume of Mme de Sévigné: Vexatious)
talking about the Knight de Lorraine Mme de Sévigné says the Prince.
Brancas Brancaccio
Ursins (Orsini?)
for Brichot
opus francigenum
for Françoise
higgledy piggledy.
Françoise saying make an answer like Mme de Sévigné.
"It's a plan!"
Henri chemist's
Léon Moreau
Garbero baker's
Magnificence dying of hunger
I was obliged to remain in Paris to take Philisbourg
(check vol 1 Preface towards the end in the young Marquis de Grignan's country house) and a few lines after that
"That cruel mother was not at Philisbourg she did nothing but sleep at the post house" (check text) and a few pages after that the lovely Avignon (check) like those good fools of Mme Blanche.
St Simon
having himself called Duc de Caderousse from which profited him not one bit.
I did not forbear on his account.
Mme de Miramion who was the first in her situation to have Hôtel de Nesmond put over her house.
takes a delight in posterity (Pierre le Grand)
who strongly felt what he was.
features that have no connection between them
(as does Madame too)
(portrait of d'Harcourt by St Simon at the promotion).

You announce that coldly
nation of prey

Things that never change
the very gracious mistress of the house
You never understand me properly never
M. de Norpois for a value so much higher than you have been offered it as an attractive price

For St Simon that canker (call Vendôme your Grace and Highness) reaches as far as the lieutenants general.
I gave myself licence to speak of it.
all this makes him a most singular character
(in the style of what he says about the abbess of Fontevrault).

His images if you consider them are fair:
The man from Indre who writhes like the twisting of a snake (not exactly, see in Hallays, Balzacian pilgrimages)
slumbering bullets that awaken,
my book underlined by Mme de Cadignan
but we must reason and that is not nice.

From this point of view kinsman of Renan (temple of Solomon 88 metres etc.) as opposed to Flaubert.

M. de Charlus will say a dirty old package (for women)
and you are my little lad

Different ways of saying Poor Cottard
I saw somebody It was poor Cottard
Some time ago good old Cottard told me.
It was a visit from dear old Cottard.

Norpois clearly it is an event of the very first order

It is very Cottard

St Simon again
That made the bomb go off.
The king liked greatly esteemed Courtin there was not a day a week that he did not seize upon him in conversation
who are the gentlemen of good family
has himself called the Comte de Fels which profits him not one bit
The Comtesse de Guerne made an example of him.
The king weary of these intrigues.
She ventured a blanket over her chair.
cleverly countenanced enterprises (that consist of coming without a cloak or avoiding the offertory)
to make a distinction out of it
to Marli next
always in the best company
heavy gambler
he was recently brushed up
The king raising up [illegible] a most elevated accent (Montesquiou)
The ki I said to the king that he was the master to take from us of everything he wanted and that we must think ourselves only too fortunate to obey him on all points. Hah well Monsieur he said to me in an appeasing tone of voice, that is how you should think and it is very sensibly said, upon which he made me a small and rather curt but gracious bow and left leaving me happier than one could imagine (that's not an exact quote)

It was very much

in its intrinsic
Lauzun hosted the nuptials
The discontents from Hungary
and forthwith to
that of Gaston (in short)
He had this procured for him the king's ear
the filthy beards of St Sulpice
Aubry was from a Paris family
Le Charmel
He lived endured mortifications
up until the time that the king still touched (preoccupied) by the circles
the good lady Gamaches
son of the good fellow Lasteyrie

for Françoise (for the old gardener
hotel manager) that makes him grumble
M. de Norpois
There precisely is the rub
one was all ready to laugh out loud
to fly into a passion.
St Simon had a lawsuit to which he reconciled.
Françoise: it's a rather consequential property
that seems very consequential la Raspelière.
(or else what we had at Combray when she talks to the tall footman)

for St Loup capital
I reco Because in his words I immediately recognized ideas, the same expressions, even down to definitions that came from me, such as those at someone's the we recognize in in going to dine at someone's house the little we recognize in their flat the little chair, the paperweight, the centre-piece that we have given them. And I'll say under a different form at another point, his conversation was like those provincial newspapers that without naming their authors are made up out of extracts from the Paris newspapers

St Simon I did not forbear from conveying it (from repeating it) to diverse persons.

from which the who are the domestics is
the head of John the Baptist that the Italian painter offers to Herodias.
the artistic colouring
a mouth where it is like the happy spelling out of a name

St Simon
proceed with caution


It is me Cottard who is telling you this
He's been given a precious trump

André Ponsard ->
3rd Armoured Regiment at Bain sur Lot l'Authion Maine et Loire
-> the younger
88 rue de Courcelles Lavallois-Perret.

Baronne de St Blaise
the Marquise de Valréas
the Comtesse d'Arnay le Duc
He should have have had a better character than his face to to put up with it
the scamp

M. de Guerm
You hol
You're the one who holds the record
one of the 3 kings has changed into the king of diamonds because he only has one eye.
the suitable lodger.

an effectiveness of action
thousand franc notes
M. de Norpois
What is there to say?
it is what he wants, didn't I tell you
Françoise: It could be seen straight away if she was unhappy

Don't forget for my grandmother's illness to say remember that what M. de Charlus told me about the merits of du Boulbon moves us to have him called.
And also M. de Charlus' displeasure at seeing me at Mme de Guermantes' without him opening ->

St Simon: he was so called out of his small stature

its doors to me with his Sesame; but not greatly displeased because since he had given up domineering me I had become indifferent to him although not so much as to make him pleased to even see me there.

good to put at the start of the second volume when I am going to the Swann's house that the things old pictures there were in an old arrangement in a display case that they no longer have no longer is today and that they keep at Mme de Forchevile's mistress of the Duc de Guermantes

Lucien Deflandres 7th Dragoons 11th Squadron
Fontainbleu Seine et Marne

Everything I knew

M. de Guermantes
A big noise
(or Swann talking about Bontemps)

never since we've seen him again (the President of the Republic?)

Lucien Deflandres 7th Dragoons 11th Squadron
M. de Norpois
having him insulted by a team of hired pen-pushers, of vagabonds

the "young ones"
their facetiousness
the kindly taxpayers
Fr. I'm not rue de la Chaise
he isn't proud, he touched my hand.
Françoise straight away that cost one franc fifty.

M. de Norpois
the spectacle would not be banal to him
Cottard or Norpois

M. de Norpois in the guise of under the pretext of mitigating them he succeeded only in aggravating them

M. de Guermantes
No today one says that one is notorious
Lionel says abundantly provided and I find him intelligent. Therefore Charlus' brother could say custard tarts.
The Prince de Guermantes could have the intelligence good syntax of Mme Ch de Harcourt or de Papillon.

he is clumsily deluded in the German manner
his psychology is at fault in front of people who have never seen so much psychology
(Guermantes? Norpois?)

in a more cursive manner

10 rue Geoffroy-Marie
Camille Bernadot 3 rue Clauzel
8 o'clock to half past 8
Norpois to speak loud and clear

Kipling seeks to make the masses very distinct one from another, to individualize those differences through metaphor and by so doing to accentuate them beyond the truth. To oppose the animals one against another to indicate their species, he gives them a name individual to the species, Kaa the snake, Bagheera the panther etc. In When it comes to animals all well and good; but human species are not so differentiated; so he gives if he gives an individual name to a species of animal, he gives the name of an animal species to a nation. He says the Boche like he would say Kaa or the Bandar-log. That gives something of the mystery of life to the group, the antithesis of the jungle, but without doubt at the expense of the truth. Talking about a French non-commissioned officer he says that he can't see this bearded man slaughtering babies on the orders of his commanders. It is likely that more than one German bouncing a child on his knees could give him the same impression if before everything else there were not an artist's bias for which nationalism and imperialism had paved the way by removing any scruples.

M. de Norpois
diabolically Parisian provincial

she is will be very fast. [In English (tr.)]
she had them following her expression "droppped".

My little urchin
My little brat
Allo Marcel
Bloch It's your uncle What a joke!
She is rather, intelligent
Doctor: Present and correct
imitating military speech
Cottard Harrumph

If you would care to sit at table
he doesn't wait to allow himself
compliments to (Odette)
fashions passing like cabs [In English (tr.)]:
excellent [In English (tr.)], good
Brichot from it was from the impressionism of heroic times
Europe may well rue the day
or for Mme de Guerm
He was
Bloch I was the end of my article was blue pencilled
Cottard he you you have made servants of them
you talk about the Sorbonne

Françoise embarrassingness

Nicholas Military Auxiliary hospital No 16
Belley Ain
"polo cap" "suit" "a golf course"

Marriage for money from a broken home that prides itself on its meanness (Guermantes or Verdurin, Guermantes rather)

Maurice Plisson Janson de Sailly
M. Hamelin Central 43 11
Léonce Hamelin 2bis rue de Chézy

The luncheon where I see Bergotte would be better as a dinner and he will accompany me

Had  there ever been a Monsieur de Villeparisis
It appears that she is whiter than white ermine It is That's the last straw
It is No it is an affectation he gives himself like that.

M. de Norpois
He was not a man to be roused for the game
that's a sharp pen, at times even steely
but there are very colourful pages

Marquis de Saint Affrique
de Varambon
de Francheville

music lover
It's an affectation he gives himself like that
It's to put on airs
fair play [In English (tr.)]
he was not a man to let off fireworks

Penchesky Bridge
John Bull
Downing Street check
During the visit to Mme de Villeparisis' where Mme de Guermantes is present the passage after:
Yet between our perception to "they still sensible to blemishes ->

M. de Norpois feels it his duty to reply present and correct

-> on the nose, marks on the cheeks, to the poor choice of adjectives"
would perhaps be better placed elsewhere, to the need for one person of another, or even at the end of the book (or at Mme de Guermantes' for the guests) if I feel the need for it somewhere.

Is it me or St Loup or Bloch who will say alias pleonasm mentality euphemism.
Doubtless it will be St Loup who will be surprised by it at Mme de Villeparisis'

Mme de Chevigné about Mme de Belmont
she has eaten her up to her last rental
Did she go out no she was place du Palais Bourbon sitting like Minos.

M de the Princesse de Parme was a great scoundrel who had enormous style.
This conversation bored me but I ->

Think about
As furnishings a rag-and-bone man

-> recited it to myself later about social appearance and I thought what wit.

Mme de Guermantes will say for nothing of this world instead of for nothing in the world
aye horror
that few mortals
a straw
you can't tell him stories
Mme de Guermantes
she slaughters me
she bores me to death
I'm gullible
I am not very intelligent
sleight of hand
light a cigarette
it's very dull the well.
he deserves to succeed
Sesame but no lilies
My niece Zez[illegible]
Pig! She was very intellectual.
She was very important,
she didn't play a part
very typical
Mme Swann?
All things being equal
It's a cartel
Hervieu (Bergotte) it was a good thing
(Mme de Haye)

M. de Norpois
at the bottom of the work.

The procuress
it's a novelty
a sensational number

At Balbec restaurant expressions
cold buffets
roastbeef  [In English (tr.)]
boeuf à la mode
They are placed according to the needs of the storeroom
The carriage
Mme Swann?
coarse impression

Parallelism Françoise and Mme de Guermantes
and at times coincidence:
He's a the friend of Mme de Guermantes.

Mme de Guermantes capital will possess the Straus wit in the voice of Chevigné
aye brute.

M. de Norpois
I do not believe one could be more fundamentally mistaken
It is a very attractive price that you have been offered

make water run

St Simon Beginning of volume 3 he preferred to jump the bar, if one might be so bold.

He's a man who shoots for the moon
sometimes for one thing, sometimes for another

Feeling confident of the king knowing to differentiate between the people those who flattered,  people according to age, birth to those more or less negligent in their manners
Nevertheless, (for as for the rest) he had an extensive and just knowledge of births, of the various allianced houses.

M. de Norpois
I place this book on the good side
M. de Montpeyroux
M. de Norpois: he let out a cry of alarm
M. de Norpois: there is here a veritable galaxy of talents

foil all attempts
ward off all eventualities
St Simon:
to foam.
to pump me.
Hassock in the church
the unison of a republic
set up her tents there.
don't use the last two expressions one after the other because they are next to each other in Princesse des Ursin's departure for Lyons one of the most beautiful parts in St Simon along with the portrait of the Marechal de Villeroy and the reconciliation between St Simon and Noailles.

until 7 o'clock when he is going to go on a trip

For music to scan

Vauban called himself le Prestre.
remedies and heavy expenditure to carry them out
(Tessé) (or Estrées)
which he was most obstinate about
an army: don't fret
Françoise: it's bad the toothache
St Simon he frothed about it.
M. de Norpois
his spirit gave him free range
Albertine vague
pattern (for dressmaker)

M. de Norpois
Try to go off the beaten track
to be unhinged
It is the very evidence (parliamentary reports)
comatose, suggestion
friction, directives
Invoke if necessary against immorality the preface of La Chartreuse de Parme

Compagnie Française des Automobiles de Place
2 Place Collange
Levallois Perret
The fact is

M. de Norpois before everything else I condemn the socialist line (Welschinger on Baudelaire about stoicism. So the phrase can stay as is)

Henri Mathieu
Poste Restante
Bureau 83
Rue Bleue

St Simon
since the prostitution of long cloaks to every sort of people.

Courvoisier: what is as precise as M. de Croisset
It is three times nothing

St Simon
in actors' clothing

People who think they are making a pastiche of Plato because they say: no! by Jupiter!
a straw
Don't forget to make myself anxious about her from which comes mistress etc.

The Princesse de Vélude

Avisse 66 Faubourg Montmartre Central 42-61
Driver Paul Balby 218 Faubourg St Germain Fleurus 06 57

he said: we like to say we are one is snubbed (irritating to insist on a silly thing)
(yes but Croisset it succeeded, very midst [illegible])
(the word half beaver)
Suit for Albertine
fair price

quite beautiful success

Norpois evidently you are not destined to make a scrivener?
M. de Norpois the road It is through London and Washington that the road leads passes which leads to Tokio [sic] (change the names this expression is from P [?] de laix)

Don't forget red cockerel in cracked daylight
(large Kerby Beard note book young man)
we know idem
carriage to go to the château idem
White flowers on the carpet pots of cineraria
silence on the staircase (idem)
Have another look at large Kerby notebook
young young man


M. de Norpois
pull the wool over the eyes
treat in the fine fashion
face up to

This has no connection with Kerby
thinking about St Beuve: No Madame, could you have believed it (the 2nd part of the phrase is not negative, it really is his deliberate incorrectness). Yet more examples in this same volume (unquestionably about Cousin)
(small drawing-room bound reviews Volume X I think).

M. de Norpois (capital): hireling, dismissed from service, Roman senators
of more dangers in the follies of the elderly when they begin to show their passions than those of the young
an important
our town councillors

Don't forget for a St Simon pastiche page 121 of volume VII about Everything becoming degraded on account of the canker of proclaiming the elector
and volume 5 page 12
the French fickleness

Françoise will say
listen to the
it glittered like silver

For St Simon pastiche reread what he says about the Maréchale de Clérambault before speaking about Mme de Beuvron (that must be in volume III, it concerns the alterations at Madame's house).

St Simon of such strange disunities
Cardinal d'Estrées' dinner for the Princesse de Parme Volume II (perhaps laid on for a Guiche or something).
"those were his terms"

Clemenceau inglorious

M. de Norpois
the ink was not yet dry


For the manager at Balbec it is the means of commotion that is lacking (instead of locomotion)

Mme Swann
Royalties [in English (tr.)]
(which is very Odette)

to cut.
M. de Norpois
I applaud with both hands.

Don't forget Jupien who says
No it's my his mother who was also a Croteux
as he would have said a La Rochefoucauld
Don't forget that in the recommendation that M. de Guermantes gives me it indicates a hint of kindness whereas he always writes to me himself to write to the deputy through his secretary simply signing himself Guermantes.

Charlus or St Loup

Brichot the time moment we were crossing the boulevard de Ménilmontant de la Villette

Norpois that's a neat little trick Vaugoubert has pulled off

Most capital
M. de Charlus be it in order to give himself a virile appearance, be it out of a predilection for all that, say (this can be in the second Balbec) wily, Parisian, who always has a shady scheme at the ready, what do you do to make yourself so sturdy, I emptied out his pockets.

That's not to say that

There Vaugoubert has written one of the most beautiful pages in the history of French diplomacy

St Loup in marrying

Françoise: And then he had some security
What a kitchen scuffle. But she found the apartments in which she found herself like troublesome people.

one has furniture for impression
Brichot furniture for impressionist ether addicts

Cottard he's given us a short talk.
to the listened to
it's beautiful.

M. de Norpois
it's by errors have been made, that's understood.

M. de Norpois:
but the die was cast.

né de Chalan Chalandon
né de Valandon
de Varambon
de Chalancey
de Vaugrenier

M. de Norpois in his despatches
you know the first minister
peculiar mixture of practical sense and fervent imagination

M. de Norpois
carry on the great struggle
Our Roman senators, canonical era.

The manager of the Hotel at Balbec will tell me about a guest with ->

M. de Norpois
their stratagems have created a long conflagration

-> whom he on bad terms
We have had a slight difference between us (meaning a slight different [sic] and proposing regattas to me (which fills me with horror at that time) he says a boat has been swallowed up by that impeccable sea (meaning implacable or impossible).
Put in the hotel the word that huntsmen use instead of livery, say also employees instead of servants

Most capital
St Loup jaw-dropping.
servant closed door that's not commonplace.
Our steward Françoise
you are on the last but one métro
Françoise a blunder and
M. de Norpois
the commentaries took their course as well as could be expected
(what chance fertilization has in one day joined together for ever those 2 characters) the commentaries took their course (try to find an example if possible that has not been borrowed about flowers) (or then again recall M. de Norpois' words in the chapter about Charlus and Jupien and orchids if the example is to do with flowers).


St Ferreolus
St Fargeau
Sanctus Leodegarius
St Léger
Sancta Eulalia
St Aulaire


Françoise in a rush
have a bite to eat

Gunner 60th Artillery 4th Battery Mailly Camp

Names of places
Christoleum Créteil
Spinogilium Épinay
Bishop's Cross
Archbishop Villeneuve

to pack off
Norpois it goes without saying that I do not debate with fanatics

95 rue de Écoles Camille Lucotte

M. de Norpois
who pays no heed

M. de Norpois
Who knows Alsace-Lorraine may perhaps return to the Motherland

Compare my book with Françoise's beef it has to absorb all the jelly juices

M. de Norpois willingly placing an unsigned but much read article in the evening paper that finished with for example: no more, no less - what is out there: one speck that is all of a less vulgar tongue

André Favre 7 M. Jan's house 7 rue Fontaine.


Due to the fragmentary nature of these notes it is not possible to create a strictly coherent translation. Some parts are necessarily conjectural. There are copious explanatory notes in Carnets, Gallimard 2002 which I have chosen not to include in this translation as they would have almost doubled its length.
-> indicates a continuous text that has been interrupted by an additional note.

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