[The snobbism of aviation]

      He was, moreover, like a host of young people incapable, fashionable people to boot who, dedicated to the spirit of imitation, were more committed to the world of fashion than to patriotism, like those young women who enlist as nurses just as a few years before they had played golf and danced the tango. Another form of snobbism could be added too with the job of lift operator taking on a military value, which was the snobbism of aviation. In such a way the war became a means for poor people to indulge in a luxurious taste for sports. I had seen at [incomplete]

Quelques manuscrits "Lefebvre" conservés à l'université de l'Illinois, Chris Taylor, Bulletin d'informations proustiennes, 53, 2023


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Created 12.02.24