Allégorie manuscript

   [...] subsided when, at about five o' clock, the garden felt its calm waters now become pure, an endless confusion pervaded with infinite ecstasy. A chilliness The limbs Pink and blue, the divine and sickly limbs of a celestial afternoon, came to lie down rest on its bed. And the water contained, retained in its entirety, tenderly pushed forth its luminous beauty. Neither veiling it nor stirring it in any way, but with all its love it deepened perhaps further its still vague and sad look. And henceforth those who love the sky, the vast spectacles of the sky often went go to contemplate them at the edge of the pond to see them there.
   Happy the heart stripped of flowers, ransacked, if like this garden if it had if now full of tears it too might reflect the sky.

Quelques manuscrits "Lefebvre" conservés à l'université de l'Illinois, Chris Taylor, Bulletin d'informations proustiennes, 53, 2023


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Created 15.02.24