1906 diary

Swann's property
Marble (causes of the Veins)
Bray St Loup's war-cry?

Place des Portes
Kinetoscope as opposed to cinematograph
exhaling a long breath
guardian of the rose-bush
did they say bourgeois in St Simon's time
tax list
carriage with armorial bearings of an enclosed coronet
Aristeus (in the Georgics?)
Like a deed of a civil estate or a will

Paul Vernet Murat
Georges Polleunis
Gabriel Paul 6 rue Bourse
Gaston Coignet
Maurice Roger

steamed potatoes
consecrated brioche
leaf through
Lord how many virtues must we hate
inhalation of chloroform more toxic
metallic liquid would have deposited in metallic casings
Abraham desists
a stair that goes up against the door
conduct of a king with respect to his people

a manorial dove-cote
a mill, manorial, manorial ancient
manorial a gothic mill or a wash-house an old bridge
a sculpted milestone
a tithe tithe barn with immense nave,
a cellar
monastic vault
a sculpted stone wash-house
with vaulted naves or columns
a wash-house an ancient well
an obelisk, a mourning band,
a cairn, a lantern for the dead

ancient pigeon-house
accacia in the bedroom
light divided by the curtain ties
wood of the chest of drawers
View of Venice by Titian
wooden shutter used in the porch
Doorway with double shutters in the corridor
Holy sacrament in the funeral
congesting the blood in the throat

elevation, preface
the lips of Envy
rising up, describing curves,
cleaving the air obliquely
melting towards the ground
head down to the great relief of their wings that allow
them to maintain their positions contrary to the laws of gravity.
Procris and Cephalus, Aesacus and Hesperie
Disease of the mouth
backs of books
vespers half past three
heightened plane

Perpetual adoration
Decree written in the hand of His Grace and the architect of the diocese
date of the St John
behind my altar
my church
marquetry, inlay
divergence, disorbing
coincidence, applying
indication of old rooms
Japanese game
epithet for Charles

back of a house
tentative, outlet
lower part of the tapestry
celebrated apses
abridged characters
de Parenzol
de Lectoure
de Bodmer de Pingry
de Cramayel
de Belmont
Marquis Lostanges

Comte de Mercoeur
Comte Marquis des Chaux de Vaugoubert
a hospital belfry
Suffering ater childbirth
pregnant woman
onyx and moss agate
Abbeville (towers)
House of Archers
polygala alpins
blue heart surrounded by snow

pistils / stamen
can the Lord of Guermantes be in a vertical stained-glass window
XIth century artillery
Look-out battlements
381 for Levallois

Bassachutos and one more
flute tune of Orpheus
Dimly viewed through smoked or rough glass
His Lordship and others


American oak (red?)
the Your Highness at Versailles
Chestnut trees and lilacs in the Trianon
Laperouse Belloy Auguste Vacquerie
Plantation in Virginia
Plan (apartment and dining-room)

Price of portraits by Marchard
game in which marbles are lined up like garden peas

can a church with a cupola have a belfry
Balbec en Terre
Habit of a nun and a nurse
Ancient form of Geneviève
mourning in the Song of Roland

the 4 Aymon brothers in a monastery
fig tree by the Loire.
English steeple.
coagulation of a hurled egg
first President of Mans and Rennes
President of the Bar for Cherbourg
Notary for Nantes

fishing for compliments (written in English)
as when a badly aligned reflector initially casts great fantastical shadows around an object on a wall which then contract and merge into it

belfry of a hospital
steeple of a convent
lift, fig tree,
pink flower,
excempt (servile)

11 August
they leave Boulevard H at 7.29
hail taxi 1570
G7 to go to
the corner of rue St Laurent
Then they take a cab to the Gare d'Est go down
the outside boulevards as far as Boulevard M.
go down that boulevard cross the Place de la C.
Quais de la R. G. Pl. St.

12 August
man goes to look for people outside
they take a drink at 1.20
Mme X returns alone to the
hotel and they come back a quarter
of an hour after going out again at 2 o'clock
buy a 25
centime stamp and put a letter in the box
go to buy (by cab
tickets to Place St Martin then
to Kodak's 7 boulevard des Italiens
they stay there 10 minutes, then to the
Restaurant Italien
only go in and leave Boulevard Sébastopol,
de Strasbourg

12 August - continued
D tailored blue dress
black straw hat
with a feather the same
colour taking taxi
587 G7 in rue St
A takes taxi 960-U-8
at 10 o'clock to come here
13 August
by taxi take St Kodak then
8 Boulevard Magenta to Mazo's
then Jardin des Plantes

14 August
11.25 1028 G3
39 rue Lafayette
and from there to
the Brasserie Universelle
place de la R asks
a waiter information about cab
17. 2.20

Half last midday plays cards
Half past 2 Gare de l'Est

Patin 36 rue Tronchet
one pound the day before yesterday

Marquis de Chaussecourtvalle
Marquis de Seraucourt
de Gaucourt
de Gaudricourt
First name Florent

do not forget the violin phrase (figure) the sound of which each time came to furnish me with some reminiscence. And at the end recalling one to me, indirectly: that of time lost since Combray. I remembered them all and imagined their meaning (and then the fulfillment from the scent of tea. That life is beautiful etc.) And my life diversified by passions women different colours etc. Later when I met Bloch again to be told that my grandmother did not like him

(Gangnat) finding again the goodness established in him when I had found him elegant
In a great peroration (see previous page) I will put days of sunshine
when I sing and geometry in space, the Swanns and Juliot known in every way.


140 faubourg
St Honoré


   In April 2013 an unpublished diary for 1906 used as a notebook by Proust (between 1908 and 1911) was offered for auction. In 1965 it had been displayed in the Bibliothèque Nationale exhibition. It was then acquired by the BNF in October 2013.
  Digitalized on http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b10500678s
   See the superb transcribed and annotated edition by Nathalie Mauriac Dyer, Françoise Leriche, Pyra Wise and Guillaume Fau https://books.openedition.org/editionsbnf/1457


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